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From the beginning our Founding Fathers - specifically Thomas Jefferson - warned us about national, corporate and commercial banking. They had enough hind sight from past practices in England to forecast what will happen if a free people allow banks to control the money and the value there of. Click here to read a few quotes from Thomas Jefferson.
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Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- This POST feature connects you to on-line Post news services from all over the world. Daily we add to this web page important news items from countries and communities which include 'POST' in their name. From the beginning this has been an important feature ... so enjoy.

Post News Feature : by Post On-line Staff & Readers :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- American's must now monitor all Muslims - ALL THE TIME - everyday ... "HERE" ... in the U.S., where they resettle & abroad. WHY ? Because our border patrol agents can't do it all, ICE can't do it all, NSA can't do it all, DHS can't do it all, as well as our county & local policing agencies. They need our help ! All of them ! And they all say, if we SEE SOMETHING - SAY SOMETHING. So, let's "Back the Badge" & report what we see & hear. GOD Bless America !

(Apr 19 2018) - FSU Addresses Hateful Muslim Professor
FRESNO -- After calling Barbara Bush an “amazing racist” & refusing to back down, a racist Muslim professor taunts critics: “I will never be fired.” Note her jihad war scarf - as much a sign of genocidal anti-Semitism as a Nazi swastika. This savage is teaching our children, but voices of freedom are banned from even speaking on campus. Decades after the left began its long march through the institutions (academia, media, think tanks, entertainment etc) - subverting society by infiltrating institutions such as the academic & other professions ...

(Apr 19 2018) - DHS Releases Records on Remote Mind Control
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Of course this is something to keep an eye on - anyone toying around with or experimenting with any mind control apparatus. That being said, you gotta believe when any gov't, especially our own, is funding or supporting these kinds of Orwellian machinations, bad things kinda happen. Look, these scientists may have good intentions re: some of this technology, but history has always recorded that those who want to control the masses and have the money (cough, cough, Bill Gates), usually end up with these devices of destruction.

(Apr 19 2018) - MARK OF THE BEAST : UP-DATES :
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Knowing that technology will be used to implement the "Mark of the Beast" (Rev.13) the Porterville Post will be up-dating and posting informational links and articles about these devilish devices to ALERT THE PUBLIC ! Obviously the agenda of the NEW WORLD ORDER is to track and control humans. Your goal - as a Christian Believer - is to STAND UP and SAY NO !!!

(Apr 19 2018) - Bill to ban some Christian books and BIBLE ???
SACRAMENTO -- It’s interesting, for example, that Chait makes the argument just as the California State Assembly is set to vote on a bill that would actually — among other things — ban the sale of books expressing orthodox Christian beliefs about sexual morality. Yes, ban the sale of books. Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in “a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer” that advertise, offer to engage in, or do engage in “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.”

(Apr 19 2018) - 1/2 of California supports travel ban, deportations
CALIFORNIA -- A new report released on Wednesday revealed that approximately half of California’s population supports President Donald Trump’s travel ban and increasing the number of deportations carried out by federal immigration authorities. The survey, conducted by left-leaning UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, found that support for the Trump administration’s agenda was strong even in the state’s most far-left areas.

(Apr 18 2018) - Trump: Cities rebel against sanctuary policy
WHITE HOUSE -- California is in the middle of a revolution as more and more cities are rejecting the state's support for sanctuary policies that protect illegal immigrants, President Trump claimed Wednesday. “There is a Revolution going on in California. Soooo many Sanctuary areas want OUT of this ridiculous, crime infested & breeding concept,” Trump tweeted Wednesday. “Jerry Brown is trying to back out of the National Guard at the Border, but the people of the State are not happy. Want Security & Safety NOW!”


(Apr 18 2018) - EXPOSED: All the Queen’s Agents & Corporations
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Please, if nothing else, save this web page called (EXPOSED: All the Queen’s Agents and Corporations that Control the World) from this site called (American Intelligence Media) and read it very careful. Since the Revolution, American's have been under the assumption that we were free & independent from England, but hidden is the truth on how they did a few end-arounds on the U.S. and used lackeys to put us back under their control and ownership through corporate dealings, banking debt and secret societies like the freemasons. READ IT AND WEEP !!!

(Apr 17 2018) - Judge wants names reviewed & released ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I can only imagine the destabilizing domino effect with this ruling by Judge Kimba Wood (Pic) to release the names of Michael Cohen's clients ... so they can be searched, reviewed and categorized. This political precedent by an oppositional judge will, I'm tellin' you, end up before the SCOTUS as a class action law suit by all those who names are unjustly and un-Constitutionally unmasked. And the MSM, well, their necks are cinched up just as tight on these 1st and 5th Amendment gallows. This is not good or safe for anyone hiring an attorney ... for anything !!!

(Apr 17 2018) - 'Sleeper Cells' in U.S. ... and Porterville ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- 'Sleeper Cells' in Porterville ? Of course Porterville ! All across the U.S. muslims who have a lot of money & businesses know that when push comes to shove they have to side in with TERRORISTS motivated by islam. And Porterville, BTW, is a great place to hide-out until it's time to subjugate the infidels. These islamic invaders know they can't get money from overseas to sponsor their "Religion of Terrorism" so they tap the money here from local mom-and-pop's & other phony baloney businesses. And "you" are fraternizing these stores, buying their stuff & becoming an ignorant co-sponsor of terror. WAKE UP PORTERVILLE !!!

(Apr 16 2018) - 100's of Muslims illegally crossing into US
U.S.A. -- “It’s a growing concern for border patrol as Laredo has become the number 1 crossing point for Bangladeshi nationals, a country that has known ties to terrorism. In 2017 they apprehended close to 180 Bangladeshi nationals, and since October of last year, there have been over 160 individuals caught.” Why are they entering the country that way? It isn’t hard to understand.

(Apr 16 2018) - Brown rejects proposed border duties for troops
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well ... what-do-you-know ? Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown likes the idea of President Trump funding the National Guard Troops for California's border, but he's not to sure he wants the troops obeying Trump over him, - cause that's would make Brown look bad. Worse yet, what if those National Guardsmen actually do a good job protecting California. That'd really make the democ-RATS look un-American (as if that's more possible) and maybe mess up the mid-term elections, or the 2020 Presidential Re-Election of President Trump.

(Apr 16 2018) - High Speed Rail Gets Fed IG Audit
CALIFORNIA -- Tens of billions of dollars are being wasted on what should go down in history as "Brown's Folly," the utterly impractical plan to connect the Bay Area with the Los Angeles Basin via "high-speed rail" of the variety first developed in Japan in the 1960s – half a century ago. Finally, a disinterested outside party – the U.S. Department of Transportation inspector general – will audit federal funding of the project. Inspectors general are the heroes of federal spending and probity, as DOJ I.G. Horowitz is demonstrating in real time now.

(Apr 15 2018) - Secrets you need to know about Freemasonry :
Is this Guy, the Mystic Lie or Mystic Tie. Click to Read More. by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Freemason's, I've always believed, are not free to believe. They've taken an oath, never to reveal & always to conceal. To be a brother to a brother & to cover up for that brother, especially against a non-masonic-brother. Their rituals, symbols, tokens & religion are (G)eneric - intending to mislead. And all they want from the un-initiated is to be left alone - code words for "Mind your own 'Bees'-ness". This page is a good start re: current news, their history, connection with "THE ILLUMINATI" {Letter} and of course SATAN.

(Apr 15 2018) - US & China May Hatch The Prophesied NWO ???
NEW WORLD ORDER -- A trade showdown between the world’s two biggest economies could be the flashpoint for a new international order, according to the chief advisor of China’s Banking Regulatory Commission. A tit-for-tat trade standoff between the U.S. and China has fueled market fears that the dispute could soon spiral into a full-blown trade war. Washington and Beijing have been embroiled in escalating tariff threats since early March — with market participants concerned about the potential impact of an ensuing trade war.

(Apr 15 2018) - Playing God Doesn't Work !!!
AMERICA -- Intellectuals that today we call “liberal” rely on the old myth that “man is the measure of all things” and cling to the notion that human brainpower alone can solve every problem and give us a better world. This rationalist creed commits its followers to failure because it disconnects them from the One who put us here. We are not puppets, true, but we are also not exclusively our own agents. Severance from our Creator defeats the moral compass that keeps us from drifting in perpetual confusion, doubt, chaos, and cruelty.

(Apr 14 2018) - Is It Now Unsafe to Attend Church ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For all the right reasons we should attend Church. However, in this day and age of surveillance, it's now risky to attend - fearing that you might hear a Sodom & Gomorrah sermon, or have someone’s smart phone spy on your conversation in the Churches foyer or after the service. Is this speculation ? Not if the Bible says it's gonna happen. Folks, I've harped on this almost 10 years now and since many pastors preach in surveillance sanctuaries - and do not warn their parishioners re: these satanic cell phones - It's Now Unsafe to Attend !!!

(Apr 14 2018) - Was Syria attack actually against 'Deep State' ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Last nights missile attack on Syria, and it's mission accomplish accolades from President Trump, got me to thinking ... could there be an ulterior motive for this combined missile attack ??? Rounding up additional countries to help out takes planning, besides cooperation, and something just didn't sound right ... until I ran across this report on the "Operation Disclosure" web site, where a guest columnist questioned (as did I) ... "Was the Attack on Syria Actually Against Deep State Proxies" ??? Looks like it's time to release The Fact Finders - again !!!

(Apr 13 2018) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.7
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity and intensity all over the globe and felt it was necessary to start posting any earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Apr 13 2018) - McCarthy Endorsed by Speaker ... for Speaker ???
WASH D.C. -- Speaker Paul D. Ryan's endorsement Friday of Rep. Kevin McCarthy as his successor vastly increases chances that the Bakersfield congressman will lead House Republicans come November, but it may not seal the deal. "We all think that Kevin is the right person" to become speaker, Ryan (R-Wis.) told NBC's "Meet the Press" anchor Chuck Todd in a segment that airs Sunday but was made public Friday. "I think Kevin's the right guy to step up."

(Apr 13 2018) - DEEP STATE ? What about elite news anchors ?
AMERICA -- It’s not only the content of news that is embraced, it’s the style, the manner of presentation - and in the long run, the presentation is far more corrosive, far more deadly than the content. The imitations of life called anchors are the arbiters of style. How they speak, how they look, how they themselves experience emotion - all this is planted deep in the brains of the viewers. Most of America can’t imagine the evening news could look and sound any other way. That’s how solid the long-term brainwashing is.

(Apr 13 2018) - SWAP BEASTS (The Growing Stench)
RIGHT INSIGHT - with James E. (Jim) Horn : Post Columnist
RIGHT INSIGHT © with James E. (Jim) Horn PORTERVILLE, CA -- Were it not so tragic, the view of fawning of Senators & Representatives of both political parties at the feet of bigoted, biased, liberal Mark Zuckerberg during his 2 day visit to the D.C. swamp was shameful. Zuckerberg took names for sure, and bountiful contributions from Facebook’s Sugar Mountain (Zucker = sugar in German, and berg in German = mountain) to campaigns of those feeble-minded butt kissing politicians will surely flow. The 1st Amendment rights of millions - yes MILLIONS of American citizens are being trampled on and ...

(Apr 13 2018) - PENTAGON surveillance ends ... FAKEBOOK starts
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Again, let me reiterate. These social networking cartels were working with "The Company" and all the other collectives - here and abroad - to do one thing, and that is to establish inside information on who you are, where you're at and what you're doing. This way, in a court of law, it was you who ratted yourself out !!! Just like Zuckerberg said in the beginning ... that the users of FAKEBOOK are "Dumb f**ks" ... and I've been saying from day one, these social networking sites are a set up !!! They're all rigged against against you and free speech.

(Apr 12 2018) - Zuckerberg, Facebook is working with Mueller ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So Zuckerberg says he wants to protect his insider info from Congress because Robert Mueller's rifling through FAKEBOOK ??? What a crock !!! From the beginning FAKEBOOK was working colluding with the DEEP STATE and raking in a ton of money because of it. What Mueller is really doing at FAKEBOOK is "Cleaning The Books" for his past employers, like "Back-door-Barry" ... "Crocked Hillary" ... plus the FBI & CIA ... 'cause he's a dead man walking if he don't. Right ? Right ...

(Apr 12 2018) - California breaking up moves closer
CALIFORNIA -- The chance of California splitting into three has moved a step closer after a billionaire secured enough signatures to trigger a referendum on the issue. Tim Draper, who made his money through Hotmail and Skype, has gathered 600,000 signatures supporting the change – way above the 364,000 needed. Those who want to break up California believe it would boost educational standards and reduce the political power of Sacramento, the state’s capital.

(Apr 12 2018) - Jobless Claims - Lowest On Record !!!
AMERICA -- The number of Americans claiming new unemployment benefits has never been so low for so long. Initial jobless claims, a proxy for layoffs across the U.S., decreased by 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 233,000 in the week ended April 7, the Labor Department said Thursday. This means claims have now held below 300,000 for 162 consecutive weeks, cementing the longest streak for weekly records dating back to 1967. The current streak eclipsed the previous longest stretch that ended in April 1970.

(Apr 12 2018) - FEMA orders 16,000 Guillotine Blades From Mexico
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Time for The Porterville Post "Fact Finding Folks" to put some time in. From what I can tell, this March 18th 2018 report re: FEMA Ordering Guillotine Blades from Mexico has some merit, only because of some past articles stating similar issues and a Georgia House of Representatives bill (HB 1274) - Death penalty; guillotine provisions (95/96), which can still be viewed. Now, as creepy as these articles are, remember ... "Evil intentions produce Evil results when Evil lurks in the dark". So, shed some light guys ... giddy up !!!

(Apr 12 2018) - Measure signed curbing online sex trafficking
WASH D.C. -- President Donald Trump signed a measure Wednesday aimed at curbing online sex trafficking, marking a rare bipartisan victory in Washington. The new law paves the way for victims of sex trafficking to hold websites accountable for knowingly facilitating sex trafficking. "Trafficking is probably worse today than at any time in our history," the President said during the signing ceremony. "You are not alone."

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Lookie here, the MSM is obsessively focused on President Trump's past sexual encounters so much that they can't even pull themselves away for a moment to report what has been uncovered and unsealed - REAL SEXUAL PREDATORS & PAEDOPHILES. Folks, satan's second guessing sycophants - MSM - are so spiteful that they'd sooner take America down with their FAKE NEWS & AGENDA as opposed to letting President Trump do what he promised to do ... "Make America Great Again".

(Apr 11 2018) - IN TRUMP WE TRUST
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So these has-been agents are crying that they're playing cards with a mobster - President Trump. Then by all means, cash in your chips, and hit the road. The longer you play against the house - The White House - the likely you're gonna loose. As for Mueller, he's betting with someone else's money, and dollars to donuts, he's staying in the game as long as he can, 'cause he knows he's got some debts to pay ... and ... some indictments on the way. I'm tellin' you, Trump has all the cards marked. (LOL)

(Apr 10 2018) - Feds Raid Office of Trump Lawyer ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Lawyers all across the U.S. are now worried re: their attorney client privileges because of President Trumps personal lawyers office(s) being raided by the FBI ... per Robert Mueller. Folks, these agencies make it up as they go. They say they have probable cause - kinda like what they told another judge so they could wire-tap President Trump before the election - but honestly, they're deep sea fishing in the desert. More reports on this raid will be written in the days ahead. (More)

(Apr 10 2018) - Luciferian Black Magic & Shadow Gov't Cabal
AMERICA -- In this series of articles, I have been showing that there is in fact a shadow govt at work & have been at work for over 220+ years to bring about the return of the “gods”, put Lucifer the chief “god” on the throne & enslave all man-kind in a NEW WORLD ORDER. It is in America which much of this global power game is being played by these secret global Luciferians who have given their souls to Lucifer & it is the secret global cabal’s desire is to enslave all man-kind & have ultimate power over the world.

(Apr 10 2018) - Porterville Police Dept | PPD Facebook

(Apr 09 2018) - Apple's Co-Founder Closes FAKEBOOK account
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Are Americans waking up, or is it too late ??? Yes, many are waking up, but it's too late, because "BIG BROTHER" has already captured enough personal info on just about everyone. As for Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak closing out his account ... well, they kinda got him by the short hairs as well. Folks, even if one billion decide to cut their losses with FAKEBOOK, they've already stolen your identities, and will sell them again once you bail. Why ? Their "Terms of Service" agreements - that few ever read - allows them to use you, 'cause you used them.

(Apr 08 2018) - Mayor Declares New 'Knife Control' Policies
LONDON -- An epidemic of stabbings & acid attacks in London has gotten so bad that London mayor Sadiq Khan (Muslim) is announcing broad new "knife control" policies designed to keep these weapons of war out of the hands of Londoners looking to cause others harm. The "tough, immediate" measures involve an incredible police crackdown, a ban on home deliveries of knives & acid, and expanding law enforcement stop-and-search powers so that police may stop anyone they believe to be a threat, or planning a knife or acid attack.

(Apr 08 2018) - The Truth About Gun Control !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here are some brief & simple reasons why gun control is not about controlling guns - it's about controlling people. Facts are facts & numbers are numbers. So, when the FAKE NEWS folks start spewing their FAKE FACTS and FAKE NUMBERS, return fire with this ammo. Most - if not all - cities who have the strictest gun laws have the highest rates of gun violence, including California. Side by side comparisons of other statistics, which increase death, are rarely heard on radio, or seen on TV, because that info has to be approved by the program director & control agent. Got it ???

(Apr 07 2018) - DHS to hire "Media Monitoring Service" ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well ... here we go. Push has come to shove and now it appears that the DHS will be hiring media watchers to compile data on just about every on-line blogger, journalist, news service, and don't forget on-line voting. If you wait a few seconds you can hear the DEEP STATE calling in their lawyers, banking buddies and MSM miscreants to find loopholes in this new "Media Monitoring Service". Additionally, many of the social media cartels, link FAKEBOOK, Twitter and so forth, are also scrambling. Maybe that's why Mark Zuckerberg is silently deleting his account, as FAKEBOOK fazes out freebies.

(Apr 07 2018) - National Guard Troops Deploying to Mexico Border
MEXICAN BORDER -- Hundreds of National Guard troops from Texas and Arizona began deploying to the Mexico Border overnight Friday into Saturday, with "very many more" in a number of other states placed on "72 hour ready-go" notice for additional deployments. President Trump has pledged to secure the southern border from Illegal Aliens and Drug Smugglers - - it has officially begun. This is sending a message; we're not kidding. More details as they become available ...

(Apr 06 2018) - Who Really Controls America ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- (Side Note) Loyalty of the branches our military - from the ground up - kinda goes like this. Loyalty to your command first, loyalty to operations second, loyalty to the brass third, loyalty to other branches last. As you noticed, I didn't include loyalty to the Constitution - of which all swear an oath to protect - or the President. Why ? Because they come under a different set of laws - Military Laws, namely the UCMJ. And the Navy - under Admiralty Law - is set up to call the final shots on everything, if everything is blown to smithereens.

(Apr 06 2018) - Trump ... Attending MSM dinner ... probably not
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And why would he ??? Seriously, President Trump is in the middle of fortifying America, our jobs, our economy and our traditional family values, and to attend a dinner with a room full of media jackals would lead me to believe, he might be mental. But he's not. History will record that his acumen and true grit as a one-two punch which stymied the NEW WORLD ORDER and Made America Great Again. So, if you think President Trump is gonna cast his pearls before swine - thing again.

(Apr 06 2018) - Kamala Harris Jokes About Killing President Trump
HOLLYWEIRD -- Alert the Secret Service !!! Now, this is a joke. Not particularly funny, just as a matter of humor, but not particularly offensive either. Because IT’s A JOKE. Now, if a conservative made a joke about killing a liberal president, we’d have to have a national conversation about violence in politics, right-wing hate, and the general awfulness of Republicans. Also something bad about the NRA, just for fun.

(Apr 05 2018) - Dem's want to decide What's Real or Fake News
SACRAMENTO -- Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) is the author of the “Online False Information Act,” a new bill that would require anyone who posts any news on the Internet to verify all information through “fact-checkers.” Sen. Pan does not name who these “fact checkers” are, but I’m sure the State of California will create a new agency of state workers to oversee this. The bill will “require any person who operates a social media, as defined, Internet Web site with a physical presence in California to develop a strategic plan to verify news stories shared on its Web site. The goal of Senate Bill 1424 is “to mitigate the spread of false information through news stories ...

(Apr 05 2018) - California's Shocking 'You Must Stay Gay' Bill
SACRAMENTO -- In a brazen assault on our most fundamental freedoms, California legislators are considering a bill (AB 2943) that would make it illegal for anyone to receive professional help to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion. This would apply to people of all ages. People of all religious and moral convictions. It is an absolute outrage, and it must be opposed vigorously. For the last few years, a growing number of states and cities have embraced legislation making it illegal for minors struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion to receive professional help, even with the full support of their parents.

(Apr 05 2018) - ACT to End Racism Interfaith Service ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Too bad these religious organizers, who don't want their names mentioned, want what their individual religions say ain't possible. I'm tellin' you, each and every person on the planet has some subjective experience re: GOD, or what they are lead to believe is some higher power - with differing names and from other planets. Second, once these religious off shoots - if you will - get a little ground clearance within their own-kind, that's when their leader claims owner-ship and or messiah-ship of that new cult. This "Catholic" ACT to End Racism Interfaith service is no different.

(Apr 05 2018) - Fake News and the Programmed Viewer
AMERICA -- Every television newscast: staged reality. The news is all about manipulating the context of stories. The thinner the context, the thinner the mind must become to accept it. If you want to visualize this, imagine a rectangular solid. The news covers the top surface. Therefore, the viewer’s mind is trained to work in only two dimensions. Then it can’t fathom depth, and it certainly can’t appreciate the fact that the whole rectangular solid moves through time, the fourth dimension. Focus on the network evening news. This is where the staging is done well—until recently.

(Mar 15 2018) - Well, What Did You Expect???
Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack : Post Columnist
Muster RIGHT Here © with Sgt Mack PORTERVILLE, CA -- Stand at Ease!!! Everyone knows that lib/left/dim-o-cr-ass-ics are either gun-grabbing idiots who expect cesspool sludge criminals to join hands with us and sing “Kumbaya” or are, genuinely, evil people (?) who are trying to weaken our society so that we are ripe for take-over by some leftist tyranny. Un-COVER!!! (Individual prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus’ Name I pray, HOOAAAHH!!! So, what else is new? Some cesspool sludge shoots up a school, killing a bunch of innocents and the initial reaction of the lib/left is a knee-jerk “more gun control” scream.

(Jan 18 2018) - CB Radio Principal to Defeat America's Enemies
RIGHT to the End - with Pastor Randy Minnick : Post Columnist
RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy Minnick PORTERVILLE, CA -- Let’s start this article with a bit of history of the “C.B. Radio Service” in this country. The “Citizen’s Band Radio” began in 1945 with the FCC apportioning C.B. classes “A” and “B” which were bands made available in the (then) barely used UHF frequency spectrum. However, due to the fact that the equipment was neither practical nor affordable, usage of these bands was extremely limited and localized.

Post Political Feature : Collected by Post Online News Staff
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Have you read the Post's "The Obama Files" today ? Well you should. There's a Place in HELL for those who LIE In this exclusive web page we'll track and collect news that's under-reported or considered inside information. Then it'll be placed in this section - making it a little easier for the public to locate and to help Obama keep his promise of being transparent. "QUOTE" Enjoy ...

(Apr 03 2016) - What's gone wrong with the Water Projects ?
RIGHT from Russ - with Russ Waymire : Post Columnist
RIGHT from Russ © with Russ Waymire HANFORD, CA -- My ancestors, like many midwest 1930's Dust Bowl casualties, migrated to California's Central Valley. Why settle here? Because the (CVP) Central Valley Water Projects created all kinds of Valley jobs and opportunities. What's gone wrong ??? Politicians passed laws seizing CVP Friant & Westside contract water, turning the Central Valley into a "Politician Created Dust Bowl". Politicians force us to pay for water delivery systems and for water not received.

(Aug 29 2015) - Explaining Today's Cop Violence
OFF THE GRID - with Melinda Pillsbury-Foster : Post Columnist
OFF THE GRID - with Melinda Pillsbury-Foster PORTERVILLE, CA -- Why & How the Meaning of Words are Changed Intentionally. Remember the term, "Peace Officer?" A Peace Officer was charged with ensuring the safety of those in their community. A policeman was someone you could trust, someone who protected the rights of individuals. When did our understanding change ? A Peace Officer knew their job could entail placing themselves between potential victims of crime and the criminal. The Officer signed an oath to uphold the Constitution and was assumed to be familiar with that and other American founding documents. Today few sign such an oath ..

NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
DEADLY VIRUS AND VACCINATION UPDATES PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Since there is so much at risk regarding the flu and vaccinations the Post decided to add this section. It's vitally important that you research the facts and {ingredients Pg.1 | Pg.2 | Pg.3 } to determine the risks and to ensure you make the best possibly choice for you and your family. The Post Prays you'll look at both sides of this issue before you settle on one.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
RADIATION - FALLOUR & PROTECTION PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Boys Scouts motto is "Be Prepared" ... for anything, and that's how we need to conduct our selves in Porterville, just in case we receive more bad news re: RADIATION LEAKS from Japan, or anywhere else. In the coming days the Post will add important information, we believe, you will need to be prepared.

(Dec 30 2014) - POST - VIDEO OF THE WEEK :
Post News Feature : by Post On-line Staff & Readers :
Porterville Post Video of the Week PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has created this web page for our readers and as a special request from our online staff. We're fully aware that the NWO control freaks and their "Masonic Miscreants" would like nothing else than to eliminate your "FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS" and internet freedom's. Don't let this happen ! Make sure you save these video's to your own files and make sure you e-mail the Post additional video's to be placed in this archieve.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak - is to speak. Not to act - is to act. -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer --
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Welcome to the newest on-line news service in the Porterville area. Our goal is to report the right news at the right time. In doing this, we believe that the community will get a greater sence of being connected.

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Our third goal is to politically inform and educate the voters and public at large.

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The Porterville Post is a Conservative on-line news service and when the Post makes a mistake in our reporting, we'll address it "Right Here" and if needed, with an appology. Please feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions.

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Mark Twain once said, "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you're misinformed." So what should folks read to be informed - The Porterville Post - "The Right News at The Right Time"

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Welcome to the newest on-line news service for the Porterville area. In the coming years, we hope to provide to the public another news information outlet highlighting Christian and Conservative values, views and voices. BTW - If you've always prayed that GOD would open the door for an opportunity to write - here it is baby. Fear not, let your heart be connected to your pen and send me an e-mail or call our office at (559) 933-POST.

MAR 9th 2018
Releasing Fire and Glory

A CALL TO PRAYER - Releasing Fire & Glory in Tulare County

NOV 24th 2017
The Wonder of Christmas

The Wonder of Christmas

NOV 18th 2017

Toys for Tots - Car and Bike Show by Nasty Habits

OCT 21st 2017
" A Christmas to Remember "

A Christmas to Remember Car & Bike Show

OCT 17th 2017
"Ribbon Cutting Ceremony"

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Veterants Park - Oct 17th @ 10:00 AM

AUG 12th 2017


May 17th - 21st

PORTERVILLE FAIR : May 17th - 21st 2017

Revival in Porterville : May 19th 2017
Veteran's Memorial : 1900 West Olive
Friday Night 7PM to 9PM

The Afters : Feb 12th 2017

AUG 20th 2016



EXPOSED : False Faith Healing Gospel

EXPOSED : The False Faith Healing-Prosperity Gospel


Dear Concerned Student, I'm not allowed in Schools - - 'GOD'


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If you have a special event coming up, please e-mail the Post at least one week in advance. We try to up-load the events page every week.

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Jul 21st : Porterville to Hold Public Presentations on Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan

(Jul 21 2011) PORTERVILLE - [PDF] The Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency's Office of Emergency Services, in cooperation with 8 of the County's cities, the Tulare County Office of Education, and the Tule River Tribe, has launched a countywide effort to review the risks posed by man-made & natural disasters & identify ways to reduce the damage from those risks. Citizens are invited to learn more about the draft plan at one of the 3 info sessions to be held on Thursday, July 21st. 2011.

Springville Rodeo
Apr 26th 27th & 28th

Join us for the 65th Annual P.R.C.A. Rodeo in the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada mountains

May 3rd : Porterville Step Up

May 5th : Porterville Step Up
May 5th : Porterville Step Up

Around Tulare County

April / May 2012 : Around Tulare County

Mysterious Light on the Hill ?

(Nov 06 2009) Close to four years ago, a friend (Ernie Cortez) and I were driving one Sunday morning from Porterville - heading to Fresno to attend a Church service - when out of the periphery of my right eye I saw what appeared to be a slowed down version of lightening. I shouted to Ernie to stop and turn the truck around so we both could get a better look. Fortunately I had my camera with me but only one of the many pictures came out. Neither of us had ever seen anything like this and as we stared motionless - because of the beauty that this light from this cloud emanated ... we were left with more questions than answers. If you or a friend has seen anything like this please e-mail the Post.

Bro. Ben needs to know,
have you seen

Have you seen the HAND WRITING ON THE WALL ???
(Jan 05 2009) Today the Post saw Brother Ben on Henderson Avenue, next to the Church of the Nazarene, showing a sign which read "THE HAND WRITING IS ON THE WALL" and so we stopped for a quick interview and learned that Brother Ben has a message that is "Burning in his Bones" regarding these last days. To be sure we promised to stay in touch with Brother Ben and we'll let you know what the LORD told Ben. So ... stay tuned, we will be back with a full report.

Who's this Patriotic Peddler ?

Click to Enlarge : And Win $100.00 Dollars
(Mar 09 2009) We know you have seen this man peddling around town, but have you taken the time to tell him thanks, for being patriotic ? And do you know who he is ? Many of the folks at Perko's knows. If you know e-mail the Post.

Who's That Girl in the Love Bus

Click to Enlarge : And Win $100.00 Dollars
(Feb 02 2009) Here we go again. You could WIN $100.00 DOLLARS if you can Identify who the owner of the Love Bus is and a little history. We had so much fun the last time the Post wanted to see if you could name that owner ... one more time. Like last month we will announce who guessed right along with the reat of the story. So e-mail who you think that girl is and a little history. Have Fun !

Scooby Doo : We Found You !

Click to Enlarge : And Win $100.00 Dollars
(Jan 31 2009) WIN $100.00 DOLLARS : Yes you can win $100.00 dollars if you can name the owner of this "SCOOBY DOO" van and where it is located. The Post will reveal who won this contest on Jan 31st 2009 and a little history of the individual in the van. E-Mail Editor. Congratulations Pastor Frankie for identifying Who owns the Scooby-Doo Van.

PC Swap Meet on Saturday's

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