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Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- This POST feature connects you to on-line Post news services from all over the world. Daily we add to this web page important news items from countries and communities which include 'POST' in their name. From the beginning this has been an important feature ... so enjoy.

(Dec 17 2014) - Is Sleep Deprivation Torture ?
RIGHT from Russ - with Russ Waymire : Post Columnist
RIGHT from Russ © with Russ Waymire HANFORD, CA -- If sleep deprivation is Torture, as U.S Senator Diane Feinstein claims, then surely denying water to people pleading for water to sustain life, jobs and communities is Torture !!! Are Farmworkers, farmers, home owners and Cities in the South Valley being targeted and Tortured by powerful politicians who pass and support Legislation successfully stealing their valley water resources to benefit the areas they favor ?

(Dec 17 2014) - Obama Befriends the Castro Brothers
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Jeepers creepers, there's a lot of grassy knoll potential on this socialist strategy, with plausible deny-ability coming from countless countries and agencies. And the first shot across the bow is aimed at an angry bear ... RUSSIA ... Yikes !!! Europe depends on those oil pipe-lines running through various controlled countries by Putin and friends, but I'm here to tell you, tanks and sub's are all lined up on the borders and shores and those so-called lost nukes are un-pinned, keyed-in, and one number away from lift off. Sure ... the banks want Cuba ... but Russia wants the banks.

(Dec 17 2014) - 199 Americans Kidnapped in Mexico in 2014
MCALLEN, Texas -- (www.Breitbart.com) Almost 200 Americans have been kidnapped in Mexico this past year; 79 of those kidnappings took place just south of the Texas border in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas, according to the FBI ... while the Mexican gov't continues to praise their security campaign in Tamaulipas, shootouts, kidnappings, extortions & highway robberies continue to plague the border state.

(Dec 16 2014) - MARK OF THE BEAST : UP-DATES :
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Knowing that technology will be used to implement the "Mark of the Beast" (Rev.13) the Porterville Post will be up-dating and posting informational links and articles about these devilish devices to ALERT THE PUBLIC ! Obviously the agenda of the NEW WORLD ORDER is to track and control humans. Your goal - as a Christian Believer - is to STAND UP and SAY NO !!!

(Dec 16 2014) - Obama may be linked to Massacre in Pakistan
PAKISTAN -- (www.ViralBuzz.com) Only eight days prior to the horrendous slaughter of children and school staff in Pakistan, Barack Obama released Pakistani Taliban leader, the second in command of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). This is the exact group claiming responsibility for todays massacre in Peshawar, leaving 141 dead. Senior TTP commander Latif Mehsud (pictured above) was handed over to Pakistani authorities according to the source there.

(Dec 16 2014) - ISLAM IN ACTION ... Slaughtering Students
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Hated most on their list ... CHRISTIANS !!! Time and time again, we have seen this in the news. A muslim group targets ... excuse me ... murders innocent people and then they'll take credit for these crimes. As disturbing, the main-spew media (Manchurian mouth pieces) continuously dials down any inference to islam, making the story somehow less threatening. Listen, ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest of you ... dead is dead and murder is murder, so STOP ENABLING ISLAM.


(Dec 16 2014) - Black Helo's Descend on Dallas For Drill
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- As far as I can tell, no one has openly confronted these copters ... no one. However, plans are in the making re: negotiations with local military bases before civil law suits start drawing down of these ding-bats in the department of defense. These training exercises have got to stop before one of these ghetto birds crash and kills someone. Enough is enough !!! I flew in helo's in the Navy and I know for a fact, you do not need to train over populated areas. SO STOP IT !!!

NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
DEADLY VIRUS AND VACCINATION UPDATES PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Since there is so much at risk regarding the flu and vaccinations the Post decided to add this section. It's vitally important that you research the facts and {ingredients Pg.1 | Pg.2 | Pg.3 } to determine the risks and to ensure you make the best possibly choice for you and your family. The Post Prays you'll look at both sides of this issue before you settle on one.

(Dec 15 2014) - Look up in the Sky - Its Operation Blue Beam
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Before it's all over, their gonna call it all sorts of things ... AN INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE, an inversion of planes, a universal magnetic realignment, negative human frequencies and, as I know from my own personal research ... by cracky ... there's gonna put on a show in the heavens (in the upper atmosphere) where 3-dimensional entities will manifest and communicate a One World Message which, according to the Bible, will deceive the world and if possible the very elect. OPERATION BLUE BEAM ... shucks ... that's just the beginning.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
RADIATION - FALLOUR & PROTECTION PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Boys Scouts motto is "Be Prepared" ... for anything, and that's how we need to conduct our selves in Porterville, just in case we receive more bad news re: RADIATION LEAKS from Japan, or anywhere else. In the coming days the Post will add important information, we believe, you will need to be prepared.

(Dec 15 2014) - The Devalued American Worker
AMERICA -- (www.Cryptogon.com) The American economy has stopped delivering the broadly shared prosperity that the nation grew accustomed to after World War II. The explanation for why that is begins with the millions of middle-class jobs that vanished over the past 25 years, and with what happened to the men and women who once held those jobs. Millions of Americans are working harder than ever just to keep from falling behind ...

(Dec 14 2014) - Lockheed Martin sets up shop in Abu Dhabi
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Here's a newly developing issue of "National Security"... brought to you by one of those NEW WORLD ORDER war mongering machines ... Lockheed Martin. I mean, it's bad enough that we export and out-source many jobs that unemployed Americans could be performing right here. But come on ... setting up shop in Abu Dhabi and calling it an innovation center ? This ain't right ladies and I'm guessin' that the CIA probably "green-lighted" this operation. Stay tuned ...

(Dec 14 2014) - Army Reprimands Chaplain for Citing Bible ?
FORT BENNING, Ga -- (www.ChristianNews.net) The U.S. Army has issued a letter of concern to a Georgia chaplain for citing the Bible during a recent suicide prevention training session. According to reports, Col. David Fivecoat, the commander of the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning, Ga., ordered Chaplain (CPT) Joe Lawhorn, to come to his office on Thanksgiving Day, at which time he presented him with the letter. Fivecoat expressed concern over the content of the session ...

(Dec 14 2014) - Is your Church Secretly accepting Chrislam ?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Hear me Believers, Christianity is not compatible with islam. If your pastor is allowing this false teaching to come into your church, you - as a Believer, have a duty to Biblically address this spirit of error. If necessary, you might have to confront your pastor and or the churches board of directors re: this doctrine of devils. Lastly, if you pastor or church won't listen and are hell-bent on blending these beliefs into one religion, you better high-tail it out of there lickety-split.

(Dec 13 2014) - Dealing With Insanity
RIGHT to the End - with Pastor Randy Minnick : Post Columnist
RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy Minnick PORTERVILLE, CA -- What does one do when the entire world around them has gone absolutely crazy ? How do you handle dealing with people who never allow the truth, facts, empirical evidence, or a boat-load of history, culture, and tradition to interfere with their thinking ? In other words, just how do you deal with the insane people who we often refer to as liberals, leftists, progressives, socialists, "Marxists", "Communists", One Worlders, tree huggers, and by and large, Democrats ?

(Dec 13 2014) - When Rothschild Dials 911
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- You gotta hand it to these guys and their EVIL intentions. Controlling, let alone owning the planet, is risky business. Buying off your friends and enemies with phony money ... . Centralizing news and info ... . Dividing democracy ... . Serializing population growth ... . Owning all the horses in all the horse races ... . Marking their servants and survivors before CHRIST Our SAVIOUR ( not theirs ) returns ... soon ... very soon.

(Dec 12 2014) - Sheriff Joe Arpaio Draws First Blood ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Boy howdy ... you want someone who ain't afraid of the establishment to run for President - come 2016 - well that's gotta be Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County. This guy has been scrapin' with these elitists and their disdain for the Constitution from day one and he's still fronting them off and calling them out ... especially in court. His platform, no doubt, will be, "Illegals are not exempt from the law and the president isn't above the law." Go Joe !!!

(Dec 12 2014) - U.N. sending thousands of Muslims to the U.S. ?
UNITED NATIONS -- (www.WND.com) The federal gov't is preparing for another surge in refugees & this time they wont be coming illegally from Central America. The U.S. State Dept announced this week that the first major contingent of Syrian refugees, 9,000 of them, have been hand-selected by the U.N. for resettlement into communities across the U.S. The announcement came Tues. on the State Depts website.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Don't you know it ... this ain't gonna end well for Congressman McCarthy once the newly elected Representatives take their oath of office and settle in. America did not vote democ-RAT and RINO-republicans out of office just to continue the same old game. They voted for men and women with a Conservative Conscious, a Constitutional Conviction, and best of all ... GOD Fearing. I'm tellin' you, this ain't gonna end well for McCarthy ... not at all.

(Dec 12 2014) - Christian Perseverance
KHARTOUM PRISON -- (www.TheNewAmerican.com) Meriam Ibrahim sat shackled in Khartoums Omdurman Federal Womens Prison, sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging. Her 20-month-old son, Martin Wani, who shared her prison cell, was ill from the filth and the stress of the imprisonment. And now, Ibrahim, a Christian Sudanese who was pregnant when arrested, would deliver her second child in prison. Her legs were swollen from being shackled.

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(Dec 11 2014) - Military converting planes for Ebola victims ?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- What cotten-picken tom-foolery is this all about - gutting our planes to accommodate overseas victims of EBOLA to fly them back here to America ??? You read that right, our military is converting it's cargo planes into air-ambulances and health-care carriers for those infected with EBOLA. I'm tellin' you, somebody's sick in the head re: this infectious disease. You don't fly diseases all over the planet ... for crying out loud ... YOU ISOLATE THEM !!!

(Dec 11 2014) - Congress Authorizes Spying on All Americans
WASH D.C. -- (www.TheAntiMedia.org) Yesterday, the House passed H.R. 4681. The bill, which was also passed by the Senate on Tuesday, authorizes spying on all Americans "WITHOUT DUE PROCESS". It grants the executive branch virtually unlimited access to the communications of every American. Commentary was published by U.S. Representative Justin Amash on his official Facebook page late Wednesday night ...

U.S. MILITARY -- (www.OverPassessForAmerica.com) A survey of military members shows a shocking drop in morale a downswing that seems directly tied to the change in commander-in-chief from George W. Bush to Barack Obama. The Military Times survey shows that between 2009 and now, active-duty troops experienced a dramatic decrease in quality of life, at least in their perception.

(Dec 10 2014) - Calling & Stirring Up Christian Brotherhood
AMERICA -- (www.Prophezine.com) In the past few years I have been on a personal journey. What led me to take that journey was a question that I asked myself. One day I was sitting behind my computer screen, just like I am doing now, and I had to ask myself, Where are all the real men in Christianity today? I am not talking about all those famous self-help guru pastors, or the airplane hair / shiny suit types you see on TV. Where are all the real men?

(Dec 10 2014) - Kentucky Residents Complain of Low Flying Helo's
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Knowing that America's avowed enemies monitor our media and internet new outlets ... reading what just happened in Kentucky re: some military exercise ... has them - I'm sure - rollin' in the isles with uncontrollable laughter. But for those who received an emergency phone alert from the gov't and actually seen an array of low flying helicopters ... this wasn't no drill. To them, this was the real deal and America was under attack ... ( but by whom, they asked ??? )

(Dec 10 2014) - 'Dialing You In' with RETAIL NEUROSCIENCE
U.S.A. -- (www.Cryptogon.com) Retailers are trying to get into customers brains & they now have the technology to do it. Its called consumer neuroscience & companies are getting valuable shopper intel that can shape the shopping experience ... in the seconds before consumers knowingly decide to buy their brains react. If retailers can tap into those few seconds of subconscious they can use the info to make crucial decisions on how to sell stuff. (More from CBS)

Post Political Feature : Collected by Post Online News Staff
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Have you read the Post's "The Obama Files" today ? Well you should. There's a Place in HELL for those who LIE In this exclusive web page we'll track and collect news that's under-reported or considered inside information. Then it'll be placed in this section - making it a little easier for the public to locate and to help the Obama adminstration keep their promise of being transparent. Enjoy ...

(Dec 09 2014) - Can This Computer Predict The Future ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- (MOVIE) Yes ... those greedy bankers found the bottom & discovered it was made of glass & that's why some jumped out of banking all together, while others jumped out of windows. This new movie re: predicting markets, elections & mayhem got the inventor of this computer source code locked up for years 'cause he wouldn't give the gov't his info & now he's out & his computer is predicting that in Oct of 2015 stuff is gonna happen - bad stuff. Are you ready ? Times a waisting ...

(Dec 08 2014) - Over 4,000 Sex Crimes by Illegals & more ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Well ... here's the latest on Back-door-Barry's border-hopping sexual predators. Looks like a watch dog group in North Carolina has been keeping crime stats on the Barry's ... Back-door-Boys. Over 4,000 sexual crimes against children in one year, they say, have been committed ... in only one state !!! LORD knows that these law breakers are having a field day ... on obama's orders ... and on America's dime. WAKE UP REPUBLICANS !!!

(Dec 07 2014) - Where's CHRIST in Christmas - Porterville ?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Today, around 1:00 pm, I went for a short drive around Porterville from Henderson to Main, then to Olive Ave - to get a look at this years celebrations of The Birth of our Saviour JESUS CHRIST, & to rejoice in all of the pictorial displays & paintings put up by our local businesses. Much to my surprise, none were found in their windows except pagan propaganda & only nine mentions of Merry Christmas out of 30 displays. Absolutely nothing about The Reason for The Season JESUS !!!

(Dec 07 2014) - NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #131:
VIRGINIA -- (www.BareNakedIslam.com) FBI charges Saudi Muslim naval engineer over plans to sink a U.S. Naval aircraft carrier. A Saudi-born Muslim Naval engineer is facing charges that he gave an FBI undercover agent posing as an Egyptian intelligence officer secret documents about the new Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier while discussing how to sink the vessel with a missile.

(Dec 07 2014) - CA Cop Being Fired for 'NOT' Using Violence ?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- I'm tellin' you, too many times I was called in to calm a crisis between correctional officers & inmates when I worked as a Psych Techn in CDCR, & honestly, I batted nearly a 1,000 in getting the job done without any confrontation. It can be done. All that's needed is a little crisis training & soon the issue is resolved. Few get hurt & lawsuits become few & far in between. Good cops become the norm, make rank & of course friends on the streets, while bad cops are sent packing. What a concept ...

(Dec 06 2014) - Porterville Police Dept | PPD Facebook

(Dec 06 2014) - 100's of FBI homicides unaccounted for
U.S.A. -- (www.PressTV.ir) Hundreds of police killings have gone unreported in the FBI, a new report reveals as protests continue across the US over recent grand juries' decisions in police shooting cases. The Saturday report by the Wall Street Journal suggests that more than 550 homicides by police officers between 2007 - 2012 were unaccounted for at the FBIs Uniform Crime Report.

(Dec 06 2014) - American Hostage Murdered In Yemen
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- So, the question was asked of one of these muslims from Yemen - who have a business here in Porterville, how do you feel about your country taking an American hostage and then murdering him in cold blood ? Answer ... No Answer. The bottom line with these muslims who have immigrated over here is to take legal advantage of our system, exploit it and laugh at us all the way to the bank. This is why I BOYCOTT all businesses which are muslim owned. Period Paragraph !!!

(Dec 05 2014) - Marines Training In Downtown LA ?
LOS ANGELES -- (www.CBSLosAngeles.com) Residents in and around downtown Los Angeles could hear helicopters or other military aircraft over the coming days as Marines and sailors from Camp Pendleton train in preparation for a deployment. The training is part of a two-week military exercise that starts Friday and extends through Dec. 16 and involves about 2,400 members of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, according to the Associated Press.

(Dec 05 2014) - WH Non-Denial of Sanctions Against Israel ?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Odds are that this leach in the White House is smoke-screening someone or something. That's been his transparent M.O. ever since got elected in 2008. As satan's side-kick, Back-door-Barry can manufacture mayhem just by moving his lips, all while hustling hells' hostages of hate for his friends ... and believe-you-me, they ain't you, or I, and at this prophetic time in history ... Israel.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Let's make this as simple as possible ... alright ? Good, 'cause LORD knows these folks and their religion have it bad for Christians, let alone humanity in general ... I mean - real bad. It's so bad that they are making all of our black-op / covert Manchurian candidates who have hypnotically hidden split personalties, look good. And that's bad.

(Dec 03 2014) - Internet News Sites 'BLOCKED' by Gov't ?
U.S.A. -- (www.BeforeItsNews.com) On Dec 2nd, news sites were blocked on the internet, as certain ISPs apparently tested out equipment to use advanced technology to block access to the internet. The blocking included popular sites like Before Its News, Drudge Report, CNN, MSNBC, Natural News, The Epoch Times, Instapundit and others. The Chinese version of Epoch Times was unaffected, indicating it was targeted to English language news web sites. A blank white screen and couldnt connect message were the result after the request timed out.

(Dec 03 2014) - 'No Social Security for Nazis Act' nears Passage
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- What ever you do, don't spazz-out re: this "Better Late than Never" decision by congress. I mean, it only took them 60 some odd years to ick-snay Social Security benefits which were givin' to actual Nazi War criminals. You read that right ... NAZI WAR CRIMINALS !!! Imagine how long it's gonna take to do the same with all these MUSLIM WAR CRIMNALS ... receiving social security benefits ... over seas ??? Now you can spazz-out !!!

(Dec 03 2014) - ISIS or Foreign Fighters returning to U.S. ?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Stop ! Do Not Enter !! Do Not Go Past Go !!! For crying out loud ... somebody in Washington needs to put the kibosh on all these ISIS Terrorists returning to the states. Cut them off at the border, freeze their banking and internet accounts, and here's an idea, TAKE AWAY THEIR PASSPORTS !!! But NOOOO ... there's some classified agenda which regular folks won't understand ... and ... they need to let "Their Agenda" play out. In other words, to heck with the safety and security of Americans on American soil.

(Dec 02 2014) - Saying Merry Christmas is worse than Murder
VIDEO -- (www.EagleRising.com) Think you can coexist with the Muslim community? Then you probably havent heard what this western Islamic religious leader has to say about the horror that is ... saying Merry Christmas. Yes, according to this Muslim, saying Merry Christmas is worse than murder ...

(Dec 02 2014) - Co-existence doesnt exist for muslims, period
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- For you Christians who cower, 'cause your convictions re: Christ might offend a muslim, get over it ! They have and are using your crowdedness as a sign that their religion is the correct, and you the infidel - who are in their way for total world dominance, will be removed, by any means necessary. Wake Up Christians !!! Islam does not want to co-exit with you or anyone else. So, this Christmas, I suggest that you do, as I continue to do ... BOYCOTT MUSLIM BUSINESSES ... especially in Tulare County, where a lot of your money is sent back to their islamic terrorists countries. YES IT DOES !!!

(Dec 01 2014) - Muslims Attack Christian Pastors Home ...
AFGHANISTAN -- (www.Shoebat.com) Three Muslim Taliban jihadists in Afghanistan attacked a Christian pastors home dressed as police officers. They shot the pastor in the leg and he immediately ran upstairs to protect his two young children. He covered them with his own body, and the Muslims entered the room, shot him dead and then slaughtered the two children. The South African pastor was Werner Groenewald, and his two young children were Rode (15) and Jean-Pierre (17).

(Dec 01 2014) - Fund my Amnesty or Ill Shut Down the Gov't
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Here's your adolescent in action democ-RATS ... the one you elected. And - just like Loise Farrakhan, who's words are becoming the fuel for a race war in Ferguson - Back-door-Barry's words are becoming fuel for a race war with illegals as well - boasting in front of an audience - Fund My Amnesty (GOP) or Ill Shut Down The Government. I'm tellin' you, it time for the House's Sgt-o-Arms to perform his duty and arrest this National Security risk.

(Nov 30 2014) - Obama Quietly Passed 3,400 New Regulations ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Looking for a little light reading this Sunday ? Well, the Porterville Post has just what your looking for with Back-door-Barry's new drop of Rule and Regulations ... just in time for the Holidays. Par for his course - Mr. Transparency - had his administration dump a commie load of changes 3,400 to be exact on many unsuspecting civilians. And we were told he'd put any or all changes on the web for the publics viewing first. No he di-ent ... Yes he did !!!

(Nov 30 2014) - Secrets you need to know about Freemasonry :
Is this Guy, the Mystic Lie or Mystic Tie. Click to Read More. by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Freemason's, I've always believed, are not free to believe. They've taken an oath, never to reveal & always to conceal. To be a brother to a brother & to cover up for that brother, especially against a non-masonic-brother. Their rituals, symbols, tokens & religion are (G)eneric - intending to mislead. And all they want from the un-initiated is to be left alone - code words for "Mind your own 'Bees'-ness". This page is a good start re: current news, their history, connection with "THE ILLUMINATI" {Letter} and of course SATAN.

(Nov 29 2014) - Is the U.S. being set up to lose W.W. III ?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- There sure is a lot of double flanking and false flagging sailing the seven seas - here lately - and I know that these Usual Operations are not all that usual. As a matter of fact, you could say these ships are kinda cruising for bruising. However, these maritime maneuvers have also been used in the past to produce Smoke Screens - if you will and with all that GOLD being repatriated back to their original countries ... well ... all bets are in ... as the BANKS set the stage for World War III.

(Nov 29 2014) - For Obama & the Pentagon, an uneasy relationship
WASH D.C. -- (AP) On a trip to Afghanistan during Obama's first term, Defense Sec. Robert Gates was stunned to find a telephone line at the military's special operations headquarters that linked directly back to a top White House national security official. "I had them tear it out while I was standing there," Gates said earlier this month as he recounted his discovery. "I told the commanders, `If you get a call from the White House, you tell them to go to hell and call me.'"

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(Nov 29 2014) - Pope prays in Istanbul mosque in new outreach
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- So ... when will we have quantifiable evidence that says, when two religious heads from two antithetical religions get together and genuflect before the flash and shine of many camera's, GOD ALMIGHTY, will hear from Heaven and bring Peace to the world ? Those suffering persecution, sold into slavery and die because of terrorism want to know ... when will we have evidence ??? When ??? When JESUS CHRIST returns ... that's when !!!

(Nov 28 2014) - The Truth Of Tyranny: What We've Lost
AMERICA -- (www.LibertyBeacon.com) WARNING: If you are week of mind and heart, Avoid this article as it WILL cause a severe if not fatal attack of anxiety ! What follows is a statement of reality, NOT what could be ! Since the turn of the century, and especially in the last six plus years, aided by Congress, there has been an accelerated paradigm shift in America away from a Republic to a soft dictatorship ...

(Nov 28 2014) - POST - VIDEO OF THE WEEK :
Post News Feature : by Post On-line Staff & Readers :
Porterville Post Video of the Week PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has created this web page for our readers and as a special request from our online staff. We're fully aware that the NWO control freaks and their "Masonic Miscreants" would like nothing else than to eliminate your "FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS" and internet freedom's. Don't let this happen ! Make sure you save these video's to your own files and make sure you e-mail the Post additional video's to be placed in this archieve.

(Nov 28 2014) - Why do British Royals refuse to visit Israel?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Very interesting ... wouldn't you say ? For hundreds of years kings & kingdoms have played this game of charade until they're ready to cease the moment to expand their kingdom(s). Now in this case we have the BAD BLOODLINES positioning themselves for the final takeover of Jerusalem ... one backed and supported by the remaining kingdoms and the other by GOD. Elliot Abrams, who penned this piece gets close in his third assumption, but not close enough.

(Nov 28 2014) - Bankers dishonest by training, not by nature
AUSTRALIA -- (www.ABC.net.au.com) A Swiss study has set out to establish once and for all whether bankers are scheming, untrustworthy scoundrels. The study of more than 200 international bankers put their honesty to the test and found them to be fundamentally decent human beings, until they were reminded about what they did for a living. At that point, the research team discovered they began cheating on their tests.

(Nov 27 2014) - The Good Muslim Terrorist ... (RIGHT)
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- In one of the most simplified articles re: Islams so-called Religion of Peace blogger Daniel Greenfield as do many of his responders at the bottom of the page - point out the hypocrisy that Muslims cannot be good if they aren't killing anyone who isn't a strict observer of Islam - meaning, any muslim not killing, per the koran, must be killed also. Maybe Back-door-Barry can do a face-to-face with ISIS, show them his Secret Islamic Decoder wedding ring & ask them to play nice. Spose that could happen ? Just asking ... don't untie your turban.

(Nov 26 2014) - Why You Should NEVER Trust a Bank
U.S.A. -- (www.DailySheeple.com) The recent actions of mega behemoth Wells Fargo show us just why so many people are distrustful of large financial institutions. The bank, which claims it will help you achieve whats important, has done exactly the opposite in the case of Rosemary Ronstein. At the height of the 2009 financial crisis Ms. Ronstein was facing a home foreclosure. After her husband passed away that same year the widow was searching through personal records when she happened across a 30-year old CD purchased by her husband.

(Nov 26 2014) - Forget Ferguson ... What about Chicago ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- This report ought a ring a bell or two. Looks like there's been more shootings, killings and murders in Gun Free Chicago - in the last three months since Ferguson's Grand Jury sequestered and came back with a bill of no indictment. But ... these facts just ain't news worthy enough for the main-spew media, the race baiters and the National Guard, who no doubt would fence off the whole city and re-classify it as FEMA CAMP # 1 ... I Would.

(Nov 25 2014) - Hagel's dismissal underscores WH distrust
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Once this Derelict of Duty is done clearing the deck - within the military and has all of his Mob Bosses (Chi-Town Lingo) moved in, then {AKA} Back-door-Barry will put a final Executive clamp down on The Constitution with a Martial Law mandate - emanating clandestinely from the mindless masses. For sure, Chuck Hagel was on the outs once he put the puzzle together - and, according to many lawmakers - had to go.

(Nov 25 2014) - Was the 'Dome of the Rock Built' for Jews ?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Now, if this doesn't ignite a fire-storm of faith between the muslims and Jews, I don't what will. Folks, if the liberal media (as many infer are mostly owned and controlled by Jews) are previ to this, one must question WHY Israel hasn't issued any press releases to any media, let alone the liberal media - and take a stand. Why ? Because that property on which those religions are fighting over is owned by a third estate. Wanna guess which state ? Read the Book of Revelations ...

(Nov 25 2014) - Islam Has a "Farm Team" in America
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- For a fact since I used to work for the CDCR many prisoners shared with me during "Group Sessions" that one of the biggest reasons inmates converted over to islam was to take advantage of the system ... especially during times of ramadan, where their islamic dietary demands put a lot of pressure on the prison kitchens and slowed down the whole process. Eventually they gained access to the prisons Law Library where they learned to sue the prison system re: meals, medicine and of course metal health. That's how I got hired.

(Nov 24 2014) - Cops Convicted or Charged With Sex Crimes and ...
U.S.A. -- (www.FilmingCops.com) While U.S. media profit off the so-called suspense regarding the kangaroo grand jury decision for Ferguson, Missouri killer cop Darren Wilson, cops across the country are raping children, killing their wives, and selling child pornography with ZERO media scrutiny. Most psychologists agree that pedophiles, rapists, and killers do what they do to feel powerful. Theres no better occupation than cop to obtain quick, unchecked power and to rarely be held accountable for any of your actions ...

(Nov 23 2014) - Is this the Official Website of the Illuminati ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Well ... hot-digity-dog ! I was wondering how long it was gonna take for the next generation of luciferian losers to misdirect the masses ... and now I know. Thanks to Holly-WEIRD and the record industry, we now have a generation of wannabes and practitioners who are ready to surrender their future to the folks at this website who claim and get this - to be the illuminati. What do you think ?

(Nov 22 2014) - Congrats, Republicans, etc
Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack : Post Columnist
Muster RIGHT Here © with Sgt Mack PORTERVILLE, CA -- Now that the Republicans have won majorities in the House and Senate, we need to hold their feet to the fire and tell them, O.K., you said if we would give you control of Congress, you'd get it right, this time. Now put up or SHUT up!!! No excuses!!! Don't tell us to wait until you win the Presidency, you HAVE the power to neuter barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer (AKA barack obola) so DO IT!!!

(Nov 22 2014) - 30,000 missing IRS emails... RECOVERED
WASH D.C. -- (www.WashingtonExaminer.com) Up to 30,000 missing emails sent by former IRS official Lois Lerner have been recovered by the IRS inspector general, 5 months after they were deemed lost forever. The U.S. Treasury IG for Tax Administration informed congressional staffers from several committees on Friday that the emails were found among hundreds of disaster recovery tapes that were used to back up the IRS email system.

(Nov 22 2014) - Why he announced 'The Order' in Vegas ???
LAS VEGAS -- (www.WhiteHouseDossier.com) Is this the real reason obama announced the order in Vegas ??? obama today is "PLAYING GOLF" at the Shadow Creek golf club in North Las Vegas, reputed to be the most exclusive golf course in the world. It's 55 degrees and mostly sunny ... (and) this is the 47th time hes played this year and the 204th outing of his presidency.

(Nov 21 2014) - Oklahoma Muslim stabs Christian after argument
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Once again, muslims in America silently cheer because one of their followers took their religion to an extreme. Just read through this report real quick and you'll see for yourself that muslims need to be watched ... all ... the ... time. In any kinda of give and take re: religious apologetics, they could fly off into a rage in seconds, as their mindset is muddled to avenge Mohamed their messia of murder.

(Nov 20 2014) - Obama: Kneel Before Zod
WASH D.C. -- (www.Breirbart.com) On Thursday night, President Obama delivered his address to the nation on his executive amnesty. It was historic, both in its scope and in its dishonesty: the speech represented a closely-woven and incredible tapestry of falsehood, exposited with a straight face by the greatest liar in modern American history.

(Nov 20 2014) - College Football Player Murdered by Illegal
OREGON -- (www.InfoWars.com) Police in McMinnville, Ore., are still baffled as to why 33-year-old Juventino Bermudez-Arenas attacked 20-year-old Linfield College student Parker Moore after entering a 7-Eleven convenience store Saturday night. I just had a guy get stabbed in my store, 7-Eleven employee Frank told a 911 emergency dispatcher. I need a paramedic and some police. Some Mexican just came in and stabbed him in his chest right here in front of the till ...

(Nov 20 2014) - U.S. to allow Ebola Patients to come over
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- What better way to clog up air travel and American hospitals, then to tell all those nations who have EBOLA Patients to come to the U.S. and stay a while ... 'bout 18 months or so. I'm tellin' you if this chaos was planned, then there's gonna be some serious howdy-duty time between that undocumented blow-hard and the newly elected members of congress ... 'cause we're gonna make sure they keep their promise !!!

(Nov 19 2014) - Sheriff Makes Plea to Forgo Amnesty
SACRAMENTO -- (www.CNSNews.com) Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones is taking to social media to deliver a youtube message to President Obama about securing Americas borders, telling the president that "deferred action or amnesty is deferring this crisis. It is not reform, its simply giving up."

(Nov 19 2014) - 20,000 RN's go on strike over Ebola fears
CALIFORNIA -- (www.NaturalNews.com) Close to 20,000 California nurses walked off the job on Tuesday in protest of working conditions that they and their union say are inadequate for protecting against Ebola. Reuters reports that the two-day strike occurred at 86 hospitals and clinics operated by Kaiser Permanente, as well as two hospitals run by other healthcare providers in the northern part of the state.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak - is to speak. Not to act - is to act. -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer --
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Mysterious Light on the Hill ?

(Nov 06 2009) Close to four years ago, a friend (Ernie Cortez) and I were driving one Sunday morning from Porterville - heading to Fresno to attend a Church service - when out of the periphery of my right eye I saw what appeared to be a slowed down version of lightening. I shouted to Ernie to stop and turn the truck around so we both could get a better look. Fortunately I had my camera with me but only one of the many pictures came out. Neither of us had ever seen anything like this and as we stared motionless - because of the beauty that this light from this cloud emanated ... we were left with more questions than answers. If you or a friend has seen anything like this please e-mail the Post.

Bro. Ben needs to know,
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Have you seen the HAND WRITING ON THE WALL ???
(Jan 05 2009) Today the Post saw Brother Ben on Henderson Avenue, next to the Church of the Nazarene, showing a sign which read "THE HAND WRITING IS ON THE WALL" and so we stopped for a quick interview and learned that Brother Ben has a message that is "Burning in his Bones" regarding these last days. To be sure we promised to stay in touch with Brother Ben and we'll let you know what the LORD told Ben. So ... stay tuned, we will be back with a full report.

Who's this Patriotic Peddler ?

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(Mar 09 2009) We know you have seen this man peddling around town, but have you taken the time to tell him thanks, for being patriotic ? And do you know who he is ? Many of the folks at Perko's knows. If you know e-mail the Post.

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(Feb 02 2009) Here we go again. You could WIN $100.00 DOLLARS if you can Identify who the owner of the Love Bus is and a little history. We had so much fun the last time the Post wanted to see if you could name that owner ... one more time. Like last month we will announce who guessed right along with the reat of the story. So e-mail who you think that girl is and a little history. Have Fun !

Scooby Doo : We Found You !

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(Jan 31 2009) WIN $100.00 DOLLARS : Yes you can win $100.00 dollars if you can name the owner of this "SCOOBY DOO" van and where it is located. The Post will reveal who won this contest on Jan 31st 2009 and a little history of the individual in the van. E-Mail Editor. Congratulations Pastor Frankie for identifying Who owns the Scooby-Doo Van.

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