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1941 New World Order Map

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From the beginning our Founding Fathers - specifically Thomas Jefferson - warned us about national, corporate and commercial banking. They had enough hind sight from past practices in England to forecast what will happen if a free people allow banks to control the money and the value there of. Click here to read a few quotes from Thomas Jefferson.
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Welcome to Porterville : In GOD We Trust : <ΙΧΘΥΣ><

Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- This POST feature connects you to on-line Post news services from all over the world. Daily we add to this web page important news items from countries and communities which include 'POST' in their name. From the beginning this has been an important feature ... so enjoy.

(Jan 15 2021) - An Armed Resistance Is Our Solution ... ???
AMERICA (www.NCRenegade.com) -- There is a lot of talk about violence and how it isn’t necessary. Everyone is asking for everyone to remain calm. So tell me, how exactly are you going to stop this fraudulent President-Elect Biden from being sworn in? Don’t tell me to trust the plan that it is the final act that needs to happen before Trump can act. Seriously? Makes me laugh. We are five days away from our country flat out being stolen from us. The whole world knows this election was stolen. Even Stevie Wonder can see that this election was stolen.

(Jan 14 2021) - Here Are the Traitors : by Paul Craig Robets
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For whatever it's worth here are the names of all the turn-coated, yellow-belly, back-stabbing RINO republicans who voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), John Katko (R-N.Y.), Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), Fred Upton (R-Mich.), Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.), Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.), Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio), Tom Rice (R-S.C.), Peter Meijer (R-Mich.), and - believe it or not - David Valadao (R-Calif.). Now that's a crying shame, if you ask me, and symbolic of a suicidal nation.

(Jan 14 2021) - MARK OF THE BEAST : UP-DATES :
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Knowing that technology will be used to implement the "Mark of the Beast" (Rev.13) the Porterville Post will be up-dating and posting informational links and articles about these devilish devices to ALERT THE PUBLIC ! Obviously the agenda of the NEW WORLD ORDER is to track and control humans. Your goal - as a Christian Believer - is to STAND UP and SAY NO !!!

(Jan 14 2021) - It's NOT a Vaccine! It's a Medical Device !!!
U.S.A. (www.HumansAreFree.com) -- Recently Sasha Stone hosted a 2 hour live stream event called “Focus on Fauci.” Participating in the event were Dr. Rocco Galati, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Judy Mikovits, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Dr. Martin has made tidal waves in the Alternative Media since this event, by explaining that the experimental mRNA COVID vaccines are not even vaccines, and legally cannot be called “vaccines,” because ... they are really medical devices ... and ... (won't prevent infection)

(Jan 13 2021) - 10 Things re: the Experimental COVID Vaccines
WORLD (www.GlobalResearch.ca) -- Experimental COVID Vaccines are coming to town, and they are being rolled out worldwide as the transhumanistic NEW WORLD ORDER agenda dictates. This next phase of the COVID scamdemic is an incredibly dangerous one - the phase where authorities take their sovereignty-violating ways a step further by actually penetrating the body with poison disguised as medicine. These new COVID vaccines are even worse than your plain old regular toxic, carcinogenic & mutogenic vaccines, because some of them (...) are a dangerously new exotic creature: tools that actively hijack your genes & reprogram them.

(Jan 13 2021) - FEMA Takes Over DHS in D.C. !!!
WASH D.C. (www.IntelliHub.com) -- FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor is now at the wheel of the DHS until the end of the Donald Trump presidency following the resignation of former Sec' Chad Wolf. The District of Columbia Capital Region is currently under a state of emergency. FEMA and DHS have been placed in control of operations in the sector under orders from the president. Over 15,000 National Guard troops have been deployed into the district ahead of the presidential inauguration.

(Jan 13 2021) - National Guard Armed With Rifles At Capitol
WASH D.C. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Last week, the (AP), citing the Sec' of the Army, said National Guard troops in the Washington Metropolitan Area, especially around the Capitol complex, could carry assault rifles & pistols though the decision was under review. Army Sec' Ryan McCarthy told (AP) Friday that the military could let guardsmen carry M-4 rifles or 9 mm Berettas in a few days. As we come to find out, on Wed morning, CNN's Josh Replogle reports that "racks upon racks of rifles & pistols" were unloaded from military vehicles & distributed to troops. (More)


(Jan 13 2021) - Two Banks Shutting Down Trump Accounts
U.S.A. (www.NWOReport.me.com) -- In a chilling move, two major banks have announced they are banning President Trump, and will shut down accounts he holds with them. German based Deutsche Bank, and the New York based Signature Bank have both announced that they will no longer service President Trump following last week’s riots in the Capitol. “We believe the appropriate action would be the resignation of the president of the United States, which is in the best interests of our nation and the American people,” the statement from Signature Bank declared, according to Bloomberg News.

(Jan 13 2021) - The Blackout War ... Building Super-EMP Bombs
WORLD (www.SurvivalBlog.com) -- Several nations, including China and Russia, are building powerful nuclear bombs designed to produce super-electromagnetic pulse (EMP) waves capable of devastating all electronics - from computers to electric grids - for hundreds of miles, according to a newly-released congressional study. A report by the now defunct Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from EMP Attack, for the first time reveals details on how nuclear EMP weapons are integrated into the military doctrines of China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

(Jan 12 2021) - FAKEBOOK : Warns employees not to do this ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Too late !!! Most everyone who lives anywhere near one of these social media businesses already knows who the head-honcho's are, what they drive, and where they live. Simple surveillance and basic logistics !!! So, if these dweebs are gonna shut down your internet presence - besides their complaint departments - then what's a freedom loving American to do ??? Pay them a social visit ??? Possibly !!! Mail them a thank you letter ??? Maybe !!! Or ... (I ain't saying) ... cuz, that's up to GOD !!!

(Jan 11 2021) - Armed protests planned at all 50 state capitols
U.S.A. (www.OANN.com) -- The FBI is reportedly monitoring online plans for armed protests across the nation and Washington D.C. leading up to inauguration day. According to an internal FBI bulletin, armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitols from the January 16 through at least the January 20 and at the U.S. Capitol from January 17 to January 20. The bureau also said some online posts have vowed to use violence if President Trump is removed from office before the inauguration through impeachment or the 25th Amendment.

(Jan 11 2021) - First They Stole From The President ... Then
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, it's Monday and due to the satanic censorship from Silicon Valley the "Internet of Things" is now the "Internet of Thieves" !!! Can any of these tech-titans be held accountable for their blatant censorship, thievery & skulduggery ??? Hardly. They've already been to Wash D.C. and LIED their you-know-whats off to congress, and the MSM - as well - gave them a pass. Now if your social media got clipped because of some innocuous issue, you and Toto ain't gonna make it back to Kansas. So, batten-the-hatches, there's another internet tornado on its way.

(Jan 10 2021) - Quebec is Now Under COVID ‘Martial Law’ ???
CANADA (www.HumansAreFree.com) -- MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW : The province of Quebec, Canada is now under police rule. Every night from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. no-one is allowed onto the streets. Police cars are driving through neighborhoods, sirens blaring, scanning for dissidents to arrest. $6,000 fines – enough to destroy families. Another police car, siren blaring, driving through residential neighborhoods with the sole purpose of terrifying the public into submission.

(Jan 10 2021) - Big Tech and Big Pharma Merge
CALIFORNIA (www.NexusNewsFeed.com) -- As pandemic countermeasures obliterate the middle class & civil rights, Silicon Valley’s billionaire robber barons are cashing in on the global economic collapse & the rise of the surveillance state. Now, one of these tech titans - a man with deep ties to the CIA - has claimed the golden ring: the key contract to manage all the personal, health and financial data that will allow gov't & industry to keep us in line as they build their NEW WORLD ORDER. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will curate these vast datasets ...

(Jan 10 2021) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.0
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Dec 10 2021) - Secrets you need to know about Freemasonry :
Is this Guy, the Mystic Lie or Mystic Tie. Click to Read More. by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Freemason's, I've always believed, are not free to believe. They've taken an oath, never to reveal & always to conceal. To be a brother to a brother & to cover up for that brother, especially against a non-masonic-brother. Their rituals, symbols, tokens & religion are (G)eneric - intending to mislead. And all they want from the un-initiated is to be left alone - code words for "Mind your own 'Bees'-ness". This page is a good start re: current news, their history, connection with "THE ILLUMINATI" {Letter} and of course SATAN ... (2 Cor 11:14). ☠️☠️☠️

(Jan 09 2021) - Alert Veteran Reports on Military Activation !!!
U.S.A. (www.PhiBetaIota.net) -- I am pretty certain unholy hell will be unleashed this weekend, and as I keep saying, it is going to be GLORIOUS. I cannot buy enough popcorn and fireworks. Let me add one caveat. The timing is the most difficult thing to predict because events force plans to change. Moves and counter moves. This is also the time for me to remind you to have two weeks worth of food, water, toiletries, etc. Fill up your gas tank. Expect the internet, social media and phones to go down. I am 100% serious. ALL signs point to this being the moment.

(Jan 09 2021) - Dark Age For Us, (U.S.)
Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack : Post Columnist
Muster RIGHT Here © with Sgt Mack PORTERVILLE, CA -- Stand at EASE !!! This may be the last time you are “AT EASE”, for a looonnnnnng time. Keep your powder dry and your head on a 360° swivel, ‘cause they’re going to be coming for us (U.S.) Un-COVER!!! (Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation.) COVER, SEATS!!! Well, Troops, the fix was and still IS in. The forces of evil have (likely) achieved a continuation of the o(WHATTA) bummer regime and we are going to have to endure, with faith in God until Jesus returns or reason (somehow) is re-established. Some of us vocal critics of the evil left are going to have to go into hiding or (very possibly) be eliminated.

(Jan 09 2021) - Big Tech’s Anti-Conservatve Mirrors ChiComs
U.S.A. (www.DBDailyUpdate.com) -- Well, the Big Tech purge hit in earnest on Friday evening, as President Trump’s account was banned from Twitter & Facebook, and those 2 Orwellian firms joined with Apple, Google & Instagram to purge thousands of conservative-leaning accounts under the guise of a joint effort to prevent the spread of disinformation. This is perhaps the single most blatant example of mass anti-trust behavior in the nation’s history and the govt is powerless to do anything because Mitch McConnell refused to force the repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act into the Defense Authorization Act.

(Jan 09 2021) - Welcome to West China ... !!!
AMERICA (www.TheEpochTimes.com) -- Did you ever wonder what it’s like to live in a one-party state? Well, wonder no more. You’re living in one. The major means of communication—in today’s terms that means social media—have now been taken over completely by the left. Not only has Donald Trump—still the president of the United States—been permanently banned from Twitter, its rapidly growing, open-to-all substitute Parler has almost simultaneously been de-platformed by Google. You can’t get their app for Android anymore.

(Jan 08 2021) - Biden was certified ??? ... WHAT'S NEXT ???
RIGHT to the End - with Pastor Randy Minnick : Post Columnist
RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy Minnick PORTERVILLE, CA -- To begin with, if you expect to have any semblance of peace during this political “hurricane”, please take this advice: STOP WATCHING SECULAR NEWS!”. You are being lied to! They are of their father, the Devil, and there is no truth in them. The secular news is not your friend and they are an enemy of the truth and are haters of our country. They display that animosity 24/7 and listening to them will destroy your faith. Get this fact nailed down tightly: THEY HATE YOU. This is no great revelation to those of us who study the Bible and have read where they hate us because they hated Christ Jesus first.

(Jan 07 2021) - FAKEBOOK : Blacklists Donald Trump ‘Indefinitely’
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yup ... They said they'd do it, and now they did - took President Trump's social media links and likes OFF-LINE. As brazen as that is, guess who or what's next ??? The First Amendment !!! Look, after they de-platform more from "The Right", they'll then go after regular web sites - like The Porterville Post - even though we have no social media hook-ups what's-so-ever. And when that happens, I'm tellin' y'all, there will be a tsunami of "Dead-Man-Drops" and "Doxing" of info and addresses of all the Traitors. Starting with the MSM !!!

(Jan 07 2021) - Trump did NOT concede ... Lin Wood explains
WHITE HOUSE (www.NaturalNews.com) -- Following yesterday’s false flag “storming” of the Capitol Building - staged by left-wing Antifa / BLM instigators who dressed up as MAGA supporters - we witnessed the final act of betrayal against our constitutional republic as Congress flipped against truth & voted to accept the fraudulent Biden electors, making Joe Biden the “president-elect.” The FALSE FLAG storming of the Capitol is being used by the media & members of Congress to whitewash all the overwhelming evidence of election fraud in the general election.

(Jan 07 2021) - Trump Surrender To Coup : Ends Election War ???
WASH D.C. (www.WhatDoesItMean.com) -- A vow by President Trump to “never give up” & “never concede”, however, that was quickly countered by V.P. Mike Pence releasing a statement ahead of yesterdays certification of the Electoral Collage saying he wouldn’t block (...) Joe Biden’s electors - followed by reports that busloads of Antifa terrorists were infiltrating the rally of Trump supporters. Antifa terrorists (VIDEO) who then lead a horde of Trump supporters to the US Capitol building, where astoundingly the police forces guarding it suddenly began removing barricades & invited these protesters in ...

(Jan 07 2021) - Get Ready For The Californication Of America
AMERICA (www.IssuesInsights.com) -- Joe Biden promised Georgians a $2,000 check if they elected his party’s Senate candidates in the state’s runoff elections, and his bribery worked, with Democrats winning both, handing them control of the White House and Congress again. But while Biden made the election all about battling COVID-19 and “healing the nation,” that is not what the far left that controls the Democratic Party cares about. It has bigger plans — namely, to turn the nation into a California-style one-party state.

(Jan 06 2021) - Pence Betrayed Flynn, Trump and America
WASH D.C. (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- Earlier today we said Vice President Mike Pence would end the day in history branded as a hero or a traitor to his country. We now know that answer. This afternoon while the President was speaking to a million patriots in the Capital, VP Pence released his memo explaining why he was overlooking the corruption and election fraud which ended up stealing the election from President Trump, his boss, and the American people !!!

(Jan 06 2021) - EVIL : At The Highest Levels - [ Part 2 & Part 3 ]
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- There's a ton of scuttlebutt out there re: what Vice President Pence may or may not do today concerning the electoral votes and this article is one of many that I had to wade through to establish any kind of witness to these facts. So ... if Pence is up to the challenge to nullify the electoral votes - due to corrupted elections - he just might be able Save the Republic and possibly his own skin. Yes, it's that dire !!! Folks, as I pray that GOD would Have Mercy on America and provide the Miracle that we need, what will you do - TODAY ???

(Jan 06 2021) - All eyes on Pence as Republicans gear up ...
WASH D.C. (www.WashingtonExaminer.com) -- A normally ceremonial role in the process of certifying the Electoral College results could have major implications for Vice President Mike Pence’s political future, as some Republicans look to him to aid their long-shot challenges to the 2020 presidential election. President Trump, the man who chose Pence as his running mate, seems to be one such Republican. “The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday. Then early Wednesday, Trump tweeted ...

(Jan 05 2021) - It looks like Pence will suspend the ECA ... (Maybe)
WASH D.C. (www.ConservativeHardliner.com) -- It never ceases to amaze me how a document written a few hundred years ago by some crusty old white men can still save our Republic & guard us against modern-day Marxists, even in 2021 from a group of foreign actors & American traitors who organized the most complicated cyber-coup in history. Last week, there was a conference call with hundreds of state legislators briefed on fraud data by members of the Trump team. Everyone familiar with the call said they were absolutely livid.

(Jan 05 2021) - Decertifing California's Electoral Votes
CALIFORNIA (www.WND.com) -- A lawsuit accuses California officials of rampant election-code violations and fraud that irreparably contaminated the results of the 2020 election. "The lack of integrity in our elections strikes at the heart of our republic," said Joshua Kroot of Primary Law Group, one of the teams working on the case on behalf of the Election Integrity Project. "The failure to correct this problem immediately will do irreparable injury to our nation and devastate the credibility of all elections into the distant future."

(Jan 05 2021) - Antifa ‘Terrorize’ Senator Hawleys Family
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This is where the line must be drawn. Yes, there are some doors that deserve an authorities presence - along with a warrant - but, I'm sorry to say, a trend has already begun. For the most part, you can locate the actual addresses of all your elected & appointed representatives - and the authorities know this. Lastly, these local constabularies don't have the police-power to protect everyone - let alone them selves - and these riotous renegades know this. So ... keep your powder dry and your pantry full, 'cuz you're gonna have to defend yourself - one way or another.

(Jan 04 2021) - Porterville Police Dept | PPD Facebook

(Jan 04 2021) - Hundreds infected AFTER getting the vaccine
ISRAEL (www.NexusNewsFeed.com) -- With the vaccine not providing immediate immunity to the coronavirus, over two hundred Israeli citizens have been diagnosed with the disease days after getting the Pfizer/BioNTech jabs, local media reported. The number of those who got Covid-19 despite being vaccinated was at around 240 people, according to data from Channel 13 News. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, which the Israeli health authorities rely on, doesn’t contain the coronavirus and can’t infect the recipient. (So ... how did they get infected ???)

(Jan 03 2021) - ‘Amen and Awoman’ ... Come Again ???
WASH D.C. (www.DailyWire.com) -- Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), who is an ordained United Methodist minister, opened the first session of the 117th Congress on Sunday by praying in the name of a Hindu god and twisting the word “amen” into a commentary on gender. “Eternal God, noiselessly we bow before your throne of grace as we leave behind the politically and socially clamorous year of 2020,” began Cleaver, who served as the pastor of St. James United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri, from 1972 to 2009.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And ... you paid for all of it !!! I'm sorry, but facts are facts, and the Porterville Post has been warning y'all for sometime now re: those little SNITCHEN CELL PHONES. I know that in the beginning they were kinda neat - and all that - however, they're not neat anymore, as they "Track & Trace" all your contacts, calls, text, your moves, and all your purchases. So you ask ... well ... Mr. Smarty Pants, what do you use to call family and friends ??? I use an old flip phone. I keep it off, remove it's battery and put it in a make-shift Faraday container, when I'm done.

(Jan 03 2021) - Put disease ‘carriers’ in DETENTION CENTERS ???
NEW YORK (www.NWOReport.me) -- A New York state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would allow the govt to detain people deemed a potential public health risk, amid concerns that the Covid-19 crisis is being allegedly used to usher in authoritarianism. Authored by a Democratic member of the New York State Assembly N. Nick Perry, Bill A416 calls for the “removal and/or detention” of individuals who are identified as a “case, contact or carrier” of a contagious disease. (Citizens that are placed in detention will be released once health authorities determine that they are no longer contagious, the proposed law states.) ... {Not Likely}

(Jan 02 2021) - Mitch McConnell's home is vandalized ...
KENTUCKY (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- The Kentucky home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was vandalized just days after he refused to allow the upper chamber to vote on boosting stimulus checks to $2,000. ‘WERES MY MONEY’ was spray painted on the front door to McConnell’s home in the Highlands section of Louisville on Saturday. On the window adjacent to the front porch, graffiti is seen which says: ‘MITCH KILLS THE POOR.’ The vandalism was first reported by WDRB-TV.

(Jan 02 2021) - Pelosi’s home vandalized with pig’s head ...
SAN FRAN (www.KRON4.com) -- Frustration over the lack of financial support spilled out into the streets of San Francisco on Friday. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house was vandalized with messages saying $2,000 isn’t even enough. Vandals wasted no time with the new year as they left Pelosi’s home with fake blood & a pig’s head. Some messages were also left for the speaker as it appears the vandals were upset with the failed $2,000 government stimulus checks. “Cancel rent!” and “We want everything!”

(Jan 01 2021) - De Blasio Dances with Pedophile Partner ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Did anyone notice that Mayor De Blasio's wife - as both hypocrites danced in New York's Time Square - was wearing a covid-19 mask (pic) with Pedophile Symbols all over it ??? I mean ... if there was anything else she could've used as a covering, that - in my mind - would have been the last. But ... maybe it was a signal to the rest of their friends, and the world, that they are coming out too ... as Child Predators. Just thought, just maybe, someone ought to ask ... what-the-hey ???

(Jan 01 2021) - It's Not a Vaccine ... It's an Operating System !!!
AMERICA (www.HenryMakow.com) -- In this groundbreaking report and VIDEO, Catherine Austin Fitts says the most profitable business in the world is slavery & humanity is the target. These COVID vaccines contain an operating system that'll allow the Illuminati to monitor us 24/7 & turn off our bank accounts if we don't behave. "Just as Gates installed an operating system in our computers, now the vision is to install an operating system in our bodies & use "viruses" to mandate an initial installation followed by regular updates." The bottom line is a slavery system ...

(Jan 01 2021) - Mapping The Global Lockdown ...
WORLD (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- In a world gripped by partial (or full) lockdowns, the map below from Bank of America provides real-time data on the current state of air travel restrictions. It shows that 92 countries are currently partially open, 74 countries have no travel restrictions (having a list of these will come in handy during the next crisis), 50 countries are completely closed and 6 are reopening soon.

ISRAEL (www.NowTheEndBegins.com) -- A very senior official told The Jerusalem Post that Riyadh is expected to get on board in 2021. Netanyahu & MBS met in Neom weeks ago. Salman is still reticent on the matter, holding on to the Arab Peace Initiative, also known as the Saudi Initiative, which requires peace with the Palestinians before normalization with the Arab League. Looking ahead at the unfolding new year, it seems likely that the Abraham Accords domino rally will continue & it seems almost inevitable that it'll feature the biggest coup of all, Saudi-Israel peace.

(Dec 31 2020) - BREAKING NEWS : Girlfriend Of Nashville Bomber Warned Cops About Explosives In RV ... (OVER) A Year Ago !!!
NASHVILLE (www.NWOReport.me) -- The man (patsy) who detonated an RV full of explosives in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas morning may have been plotting his suicide bombing for more than a year, according to a new report by the Tennessean, which notes that the bombers girlfriend (Pamela Perry) alerted authorities to possible bomb-making last year. “16 months before [the bomber’s] RV exploded in Nashville on Christmas morning, officers visited his home in Antioch after his girlfriend reported that he was making bombs in the vehicle,” the outlet notes based on documents obtained in a (FOIA) request.

(Dec 31 2020) - Nine Facts Explode the COVID Hoax !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- What's worse then the Covert-19 plandemic ??? Ignorance gone to seed !!! Folks there's tons of medical and scientific evidence out there on the internet enough to choke a mule or stop a train re: this evil "Man-Made Bio-Weapon", but ... the masses - as always - likes to plead ignorance. I'm tellin' you, these ignoramus' are gonna race to get in line for the Vaccine from Hell, or the countless boosters there after ... in spite of all the clear evidence and medical warnings. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY !!!

(Dec 31 2020) - Hey, GOP: This is Your Do or Die Moment
WASH D.C. (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Life seldom offers 2nd chances. When opportunity knocks you can either answer the door or sit idly by as opportunity moves on to the next house, never to return. Opportunity is knocking on the doors of elected Republicans today. Will the door be answered? Do Republicans hear the knocking, or are their fingers in their ears, trying hard to not hear anything, reminiscent of Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes? President Trump is the door knocker. He started knocking in June 2015 when he rode down the Trump Tower escalator promising to Make America Great Again.

(Dec 31 2020) - “Supremes” Earn “Doctorates in Juris (Lack of) Prudence” [ Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack : Post Columnist ]
Muster RIGHT Here © with Sgt Mack PORTERVILLE, CA -- Stand at EASE !!! Back when I was a military instructor, I wanted to be certain that no one could say my Troops didn’t know “S” from Shinola. To this end I acquired a can of chicken droppings and attached a can of Shinola to the bottom. I passed it around to the class and asked each soldier to examine both cans and identify the contents. Each soldier did, successfully, after which I could certify that they did, in fact, know “S” from Shinola. If the2020 bravo sierra “supreme court” fails to discharge their sworn duty and protect the country from the demoncratic party’s corruption of our elective process, I will guarondamtee you that none of MY Troops will mistake them for Shinola!!!

(Dec 30 2020) - Federal judge calls Trump a 'criminal' ???
IOWA (www.WND.com) -- A federal judge has unleashed a diatribe against President Trump, calling him a "criminal," in statements that are being seen as violations of ethics rules for the judiciary. It was the (AP) whose reporter interviewed Robert Pratt, a federal judge in the Southern District of Iowa who now is on senior status and carries a reduced workload. Pratt claimed, "It's not surprising that a criminal like Trump pardons other criminals. But apparently to get a pardon, one has to be either a Republican, a convicted child murderer or a turkey."

(Dec 30 2020) - More Contrary Info on Covid-19 ... and LIES
CHINA (www.ReallyRight.com) -- In a shocker, a new study says there is no such thing as asymptomatic spread of Covid; thus, the justification for locking us up for the last 10 months has been a lie. Oh, the study was of ten million people not 12 volunteers at Stanford or Harvard. Lie, damn lies & statistics comes to mind. So I guess it really is just the flu. (...) Tyranny is what you get when you trust the “experts” inside the swamp instead of the people that make the country work. Oh, I bet the censors from “Big Tech” will call this fake news too since it doesn’t fit their worldview

(Dec 30 2020) - The Lockdowns Are Designed To Last Forever
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.Alt-Market.us) -- For many months now I have been warning that the design behind the pandemic lockdowns is a perpetual one; meaning, the lockdowns are MEANT to last forever. We can see this in the very commentary of the establishment elites that are pushing for the mandates; their most frequent argument being that the pandemic restrictions are the “new normal”. This assertion is outlined by globalists like Gideon Lichfield of MIT in his article ‘We’re Not Going Back To Normal’. In it he states: “Ultimately, however ...”

(Dec 29 2020) - Sex Offenders Can Be Released Early ... WHAT ???
CALIFORNIA (www.DailyCaller.com) -- Incarcerated, non-violent California sex offenders are eligible to apply for early release following a court verdict on a ballot initiative that two-thirds of voters in the state approved in 2016. Former Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown spearheaded the measure four years ago, but did not intend to allow those convicted of sex crimes from participating in the release program, according to Fox 11. However, the California Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Monday that non-violent sex offenders, including ...

(Dec 29 2020) - COVID: Open letter to business owners
CALIFORNIA (www.NoMoreFakeNews.com) -- As I’ve been saying for months, people have to open up the economy every which way they can. A few bar and restaurant owners have seen the need to band together and fight the lockdowns. As a business owner of any kind, you need to think and take action along these lines. But in a much larger way. You need to form associations of your types of business: barber shops, salons, bars, restaurants, small grocery stores, gift shops, caterers, food trucks, inns, independent truckers ...

(Dec 28 2020) - Police Raid Stockton Hair Salon Business ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Drop that curling iron and step away from the sink ... you law breaking hair-stylist !!! Apparently the police can be ordered - by any agency - to RAID BUSINESSES or personal property if commanded to do so. On one end of the law enforcement spectrum you have the local police, who are controlled by the local city council. On the other, you have the county sheriff, which is controlled and elected by the people. So, who you gonna call once these two LEO's go at it. I ain't tellin' you ... 'cause you've already waited too long to do anything - anyway.

(Dec 28 2020) - WAKE UP PEOPLE ... For GOD's Sakes !!!
AMERICA (www.SGTReport.com) -- And I’m not talking to the Sheeple. I’m talking to the ‘awakened’ Patriots. The assholes who stole the election are the same ones who are trying to jab us with Covid vax. An untested, deadly vax with who knows what the f*ck is in it. For a friggin’ flu?!?! (It’s really a parasite more than anything ...) These are the same assholes who are rolling out 5G faster than you can say “5 G”. 5G is nothing short of a stealth weapon system. It’s a crowd control system … a mind-control system … and an extremely powerful energy grid that can kill you ...

(Dec 28 2020) - No Govt Has Isolated COVID-19 Virus
U.S.A. (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- It’s been ten long months since COVID-19 burst onto the world’s stage. What I present in this column will not be believed by millions of Americans. Why? Because of something called cognitive dissidence. “A term used to describe how people experience mental discomfort when faced with conflicting beliefs. If someone is presented with new information that dramatically clashes with what they believed, the person will try to explain it away or compartmentalize it so as not to deal with new information.”

WORLD (www.NexusNewsFeed.com) -- Hydroxychloroquine really works says Professor of Medicine Dr Peter McCullough, describing the treatment as “the most widely used therapeutic” to treat COVID-19 in the world. “The chances that it doesn’t, calculated to be 1 in 17 billion,” he told Sky News. “There’s no controversy over whether or not hydroxychloroquine works. The controversy is on the public health approach to COVID-19." Mr McCullough said “the virus invades inside cells, so we have to use drugs that go inside the cell & to reduce viral replication".

(Dec 27 2020) - The ‘SPARS PANDEMIC 2025-2028’ ???
WORLD (www.HumansAreFree.com) -- What is the ‘SPARS Pandemic 2025 – 2028’ Simulation ? The “SPARS Pandemic 2025 – 2028 – A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators” (back-up here) was a simulation at The Johns Hopkins University, back in Oct of 2017. And we all know by now what happens to simulations – they become real. It mentions a new virus that will infect mankind in 2025, lasting until 2028. According to the World Bank, COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is a “project” that is planned to continue until the end of March 2025.

(Dec 27 2020) - California Has Some of the Nation’s Strictest Restrictions Yet COVID-19 Cases Surge ... (cuz it's triggered by 5G)
CALIFORNIA (www.TheLibertyLoft.com) -- California has some of the nation’s strictest restrictions when it comes to COVID-19, yet it is one of America’s epicenters for the virus, Politico reported. At times, the state has instituted “a complete ban on restaurant dining to travel quarantines & indoor gym closures.” It’s almost as if lockdowns do nothing to stop the spread of the coronavirus. These draconian measures have decimated California’s economy while clearly doing little to stem the virus, yet Politico reports the efforts made by Governor Newsom & his administration “hasn’t been enough.”

(Dec 27 2020) - Major Covid Vaccine Glitch Emerges ???
EUROPE (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- All is not going according to plan in the biggest global rollout of what is arguably the most important vaccine in a century, and it is not just growing US mistrust in the covid injection effort that was rolled out in record time: an unexpected spike in allergic reactions to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine (and now, Moderna too) may prove catastrophic to widespread acceptance unless scientists can figure out what is causing it after the FDA's rushed approval, and ...

(Dec 27 2020) - Operation Northwoods & False Flag Terrorism
NASHVILLE (www.AllNewsPipeline.com) -- With all eyes now on Nashville, Tennessee after Christmas morning's terrorism has brought about a no-fly zone covering a 1-nautical-mile radius of the 'blast site', with those skies declared 'National Defense Airspace' according to this story over at Western Journal, allowing deadly force to be used against aircraft flying above the bombing, almost everything re: Nashville has 'FALSE FLAG' written all over it as we'll explore within this ANP story. From the bizarre countdown warning played over a loudspeaker coming from an RV that allegedly exploded, warning people to leave the area while ...

(Dec 26 2020) - The “Intelligence Agencies” Latest 100% Failure
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Different reports (1)(2)(3)(4) are coming in at break-neck speed re: the latest FALSE FLAG operation which took place in Nashville. Folks, I couldn't agree more with this assessment from The Daily Coin, and why all of our "Intelligent Agencies" FAILED AGAIN !!! Are they that incompetent ??? NO !!! These agencies no longer get paid to protect the public - only The Powers That Be. However, there are a few "White Hats" that know the score & abide by the Constitution. More info on the way ...

(Dec 26 2020) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.5
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Dec 26 2020) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #281
CALIFORNIA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Official sources are changing the CV-19 narrative & protocols as they go. In the meantime, new strains of the virus continue to surface. Are we to believe these are just random acts of Nature? Is it reasonable to expect corporate media to tell us the truth? In the meantime the weather makers are wreaking havoc all over the world, further escalating an already beyond dire biosphere collapse scenario. Biden recently stated that “the US needs to defeat” climate change. Does that mean the climate engineering operations are about to be ramped up even further?

(Dec 25 2020) - Have a Merry (and defiant) Christmas
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yesterday afternoon I went for my usual walk around Veterans Park and since it is the "Time of the Season" I greeted everyone walking in the opposite direction with very "MERRY CHRISTMAS" salutation. None to my surprise, a mere handful even looked up to see or hear what I was proclaiming. So (defiantly) I stepped right into their path to share my Christmas greeting ... but they all did the "CoVid Kickout" - 6 feet away - and kept on trucken'. It's as if I had Leprosy ... RIGHT ???

Post News Feature : by Post On-line Staff & Readers :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- American's must now monitor all Muslims - ALL THE TIME - everyday ... "HERE" ... in the U.S., where they resettle & abroad. WHY ? Because our border patrol agents can't do it all, ICE can't do it all, NSA can't do it all, DHS can't do it all, as well as our county & local policing agencies. They need our help ! All of them ! And they all say, if we SEE SOMETHING - SAY SOMETHING. So, let's "Back the Badge" & report what we see & hear. GOD Bless America !

(Dec 25 2020) - UK's Testing Lab Suffers CoVid-19 Outbreak ???
U.K. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- The UK's largest COVID-19 testing lab has suffered outbreaks in three out of its four scientific testing teams, after what one worker claims were repeated breaches of safety protocols. While the total number of infected are unknown, approximately 20 out of 70 people in one of the teams at the Milton Keynes Lighthouse Laboratory are currently isolating according to the whistleblower. Sky News reports that the outbreak has put considerable strain on the lab, which ...

(Dec 25 2020) - Liar Liar : Fauci "Appears" To Get Vaccinated
WASH D.C. (www.NowTheEndBegins.com) -- In the video clip from CBS News, we see Anthony Fauci appearing to be vaccinated in his left arm, but when being interviewed about it a short time later he points to his right arm as the place where he is experiencing "injection site soreness". Hmm, if his arm was so sore, you would think he would naturally point to the proper arm, but somehow he does not. All criminals are liars, and when you tell lies it is hard to remember which ones are which. This is exactly what we see on display here. So that begs the question ... ???

~ from all of us at ~
The Porterville Post

(Dec 24 2020) - Fauci Admits He Lied ... Because ???
WASH D.C. (www.DailyCaller.com) -- Dr. Anthony Fauci reportedly said in a phone interview that he has been deliberately changing his public statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic because he didn’t think people were ready to hear his true beliefs, according to the New York Times. Fauci has been slowly increasing the number of Americans he says need to be vaccinated for the U.S. to reach “herd immunity” in public statements, the New York Times reported Thursday morning.

(Dec 24 2020) - THE COVID 19 VACCINE IS AN ACT OF WAR !!!
U.S.A. (www.SurvivalBlog.com) -- For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called last generation mRNA vaccines intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient & therefore alter the individual genetic material, which represents the genetic manipulation, something that was already forbidden & until then considered criminal. This intervention can be compared to genetically manipulated food, which is also highly controversial. Even if the media & politicians currently trivialize the problem (...) ..this vaccination is problematic.. !!!

(Dec 23 2020) - People Are Fleeing California ...
CALIFORNIA (www.BluntForceTruth.com) -- The exodus out of California is real. People are fleeing the state in droves for greener pastures in Arizona, Texas and other low tax states. For years, many people were willing to put up with the high taxes in California but the COVID lockdowns, combined with Governor Gavin Newsom’s policies, are driving people away. For the first time, the population is shrinking so much that they may lose some representation.

(Dec 23 2020) - Unexplained explosion and fire destroys ???
TAOYUAN CITY (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Prepare for supplies to tighten for the cheap, effective therapeutic treatment for early stage Covid-19 infection, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Just as the medical establishment in the US is relaxing its absurd and lethal suppression of the cheap, generic drug, following President Trump’s endorsement of it early in the pandemic, HCQ’s continued availability may suffer. The world’s second largest pharmaceutical facility producing the precursors for HCQ has been destroyed by an explosion and fire.

(Dec 23 2020) - American Teenager Jailed for Skipping Quarantine
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So ... I must ask ... what's really the difference between MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW and MARTIAL LAW ??? In this case - where a Teenager is jailed for skipping out of quarantine - not much !!! This teenage girl had no symptoms and tested negative, but was still sentenced to TWO MONTHS IN JAIL for violating a Medical Order !!! Folks, this case sets a precedent for other states in the U.S. to follow. This ain't good - not at all. I'm tellin' y'all, I see no difference between MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW and MARTIAL LAW !!!

(Dec 22 2020) - Doctor's License Suspended for ... WHAT ???
OREGON (www.PJMedia.com) -- Dr. Steve LaTulippe is a family physician in Dallas, Ore., who specializes in pain management that bypasses reliance on opioids. He has practiced family medicine at his small-town clinic for over 20 years with what he describes as a spotless record with the Oregon Medical Board. So it came as quite a shock to him when the medical board suspended his license to practice medicine over a viral video of his speech at a Stop the Steal rally on November 7. Now ...

(Dec 22 2020) - Google And Facebook Had “Secret Pact” ???
CALIFORNIA (www.TheDailyCoin.org) -- Texas & 9 other states have accused Google & Facebook of colluding to divide & conquer the advertising market - and now it’s being reported that the two tech giants are working together to fend off accusations from the gov't. The two companies had a secret agreement where “Google agree[d] to give Facebook perks if the latter backs off from direct competition”. The two companies, in true Silicon Valley-nerd fashion codenamed their secret pact after a Star Wars character, reportedly called it “Jedi Blue”.

(Dec 22 2020) - Anti-Lockdown Protesters Attempt To Enter ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I'm surprised that it took these folks in OREGON this long to get the attention of their law-makers. Knowing where their angst and anger is coming from, I can't say that I blame them. As to what their next move might be ... I'm kinda thinkin' these politicians ain't gonna get many Christmas cards this year ... because ... they just might get a very "SPECIAL THANK YOU" personally delivered at their homes. I mean, that's what others are doing ... since ... "CHRISTMAS IS CLOSED" !!!

(Dec 21 2020) - Lockdowns Do Not Control The Coronavirus
U.S.A. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- The use of universal lockdowns in the event of the appearance of a new pathogen has no precedent. It has been a science experiment in real time, with most of the human population used as lab rats. The costs are legion. The question is whether lockdowns worked to control the virus in a way that is scientifically verifiable. Based on the following studies, the answer is NO and for a variety of reasons: bad data, no correlations, no causal demonstration, anomalous exceptions, and so on.

(Dec 20 2020) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 1.9
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Dec 20 2020) - Apple is closing its 53 California stores
CALIFORNIA (www.BusinessInsider.com) -- Apple has closed its 53 California stores through Christmas, as COVID-19 cases surge in the state. A spokesperson confirmed the closures on Saturday, according to Reuters. The company updated its website for each California store. Some in-store appointments will continue until Dec 22. On the website for its Union Square store in San Francisco, Apple said: "We're temporarily closing soon, but are currently open for pickup of existing online orders ...

(Dec 19 2020) - The Transhumanist Agenda: Loss of Identity
WORLD (www.NaturalBlaze.com) -- By wearing a mask over your face, you conceal your identity. One of the most common forms of human communication is facial expressions. Infants learn identity using facial expressions. Children learn to self-identify by observing body language without words. The ritual of mask wearing heralds in a loss of identity for a whole generation. Why obliterate individual identity for a fusion of identities? A fusion of identities is part of a One World Order, a Great Reset, that includes ...

AMERICA (www.BigLeaguePolitics.com) -- The US government has granted "Pfizer and Moderna" immunity from liability in case people develop severe side effects from their COVID-19 vaccines. The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act allows the Department of Health and Human Services to provide liability immunity for “certain medical countermeasures,” such as vaccines, except in cases of “willful misconduct.” According to CNBC, someone who develops severe side effects from a COVID-19 vaccine can neither sue the FDA for authorizing the vaccine, nor one’s employer for mandating it.

(Dec 18 2020) - Thousands of professionals oppose vaccine
WORLD (www.TheCommonSenseShow.com) -- Doctors are now uniting against the pre planned and fabricated plandemic, which is quickly turning into a full genocidal push across the world. Over 100,000 doctors & various health professionals have now united against the government planned genocide, with the pharmaceutical giants ready to start the slaughter in the long term care homes via an untested vaccine that purposely skipped animal trials. The uninformed public is also targeted first and foremost ... simply believing ... (that) the goverment would never lie to them. {OPINION : That's All They Do !!!}

(Dec 18 2020) - COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens
U.S.A. (www.Mercola.com) -- Positive reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests have been used as the justification for keeping large portions of the world locked down for the past nine months. Not reliable hospitalization or death rates; just positive PCR test numbers - a large portion of which are from people who have no symptoms of actual illness - are the triggers behind the shutdowns. Experts are now coming forward in growing numbers denouncing mass PCR testing as foolhardy and nonsensical if not outright criminal.

(Dec 17 2020) - California activates mass fatality disaster plan
CALIFORNIA (www.IntelliHub.com) -- Officials in California activated the state’s emergency ‘mass fatality’ disaster plan on Wed which is intended to help organize a response and save lives in the event a large-scale terrorist attack or major earthquake type event were to occur. Gov Newsom claims the Coroners’ Mutual Aid and Mass Fatality Management Planning Program was activated and preemptive measures have been taken due to an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases throughout the state in recent days. The state has ordered a stockpile of 5,000 body bags ...

(Dec 17 2020) - THE BONDAGE OF LIES !!!
AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- Jesus Christ has been criminalized in America. Most of you have probably never looked at it that way, but can you name one historical person who is less welcome in a public discussion than the King of Kings? He has been expunged from education, government, healthcare, counseling, media, military, and every other area of public discourse. He has been banished to the church where he is occasionally offered the opportunity to appear. But those appearances are becoming rarer everyday as the Church gives way to feelgood psychobabble masquerading as Truth.

(Dec 17 2020) - Fauci Wants Christmas Canceled ... WHAT ???
U.S.A. (www.Summit.news) -- Dr. Anthony Fauci (declared that “independent spirit in the United States” is hurting his efforts) and declared this week that he believes Christmas celebrations between family members should be canceled, warning that it’s “just one of the things you’re going to have to accept as we go through this unprecedented challenging time.” Fauci made the comments in an interview with the Washington Post, noting that over the holidays “I’m going to be with my wife — period.”

(Dec 17 2020) - Vaccine Vials Contain More Doses Than Expected
FDA (www.DailyCaller.com) -- Some vials containing Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine contain more doses than expected, potentially expanding the country’s supply by up to 40%, public health officials said late Wed. The FDA advised that the extra doses were acceptable to use & that it was collaborating with Pfizer over the issue. “The FDA is aware of the issue & working with Pfizer to determine the best path forward,” an agency spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

(Dec 16 2020) - U.S. quarantines Pfizer vaccine shipments to ???
CALIFORNIA (www.CNBC.com) -- KEY POINTS : Doses of Pfizer's vaccine were quarantined in California and Alabama after an "anomaly" in the transportation process caused the storage temperature to get too cold. Army Gen. Gustave Perna, who oversees logistics for Operation Warp Speed, said the doses "never left the truck." Pfizer's vaccine, which was developed with German drugmaker BioNTech, requires a storage temperature of around minus 70 degrees Celsius.

(Dec 16 2020) - The Conspiracy Behind COVID-19 ... Now Proven
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As they say, "The Cats out of the Bag" ... NOW ... like the "Man-Made" CoVid-19 virus and evidence more than suggests that it was let out, just to test it's gain-of-function. Yes, thousands of research scientists working in these labs may loose their jobs and livelihoods, but what-the-hey, everyone else is loosing their jobs, so I say ... either fire them or jail them, and for goodness sakes, shut these NON-ESSENTIAL government run bug factories down. They're KILLING PEOPLE !!!

WASH D.C. (www.AllNewsPipeline.com) -- With anyone who had hoped that life would soon return somewhat to 'normal' in the year ahead getting a huge dose of reality in several recent stories that have come out across America over just the past few days, if we aren't prepared now for what's to come, we've about run out of time to do so. While US Surgeon General Jerome Adams recently 'popped the bubbles' of people hoping a vaccine could allow them to 'return to normal' by saying people still need to wear masks and socially distance after they've been vaccinated because it doesn't prevent infection, just severe illness ...

(Dec 15 2020) - Has the Supreme Court Gone Leftist?
Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack : Post Columnist
Muster RIGHT Here © with Sgt Mack PORTERVILLE, CA -- Stand at EASE !!! With all of the mounting evidence that the 2020 election was fraudulent (on the part of the demoncrats) including dumps of ballots after the Republican poll watchers were forced out of the polling places, a test of the tabulating machines with an equal number of ballots for each candidate and the result favoring joe bite me by 70% and numerous violations of the Constitution and state election laws, if the 2020 Supreme Court fails to hear the Texas lawsuit, it will have lost any claim to legitimacy and will have earned the contempt of all reasoning people. (Un-COVER!!! Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation. In Jesus’ Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!)

(Dec 15 2020) - California: ‘Closed Until Further Notice’
CALIFORNIA (www.CaliforniaGlobe.com) -- California Governor Gavin Newsom imposed another statewide lockdown on the state’s residents. For many, this is the death blow to their businesses. Signs in businesses everywhere say “Closed until further notice.” Tesla founder Elon Musk announced he has had enough of the irrational and unlawful lockdowns. Musk is leaving California for Austin Texas, and he’s taking more than 10,000 jobs with him. Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced it is moving its global headquarters to the Houston, Texas from California.

(Dec 14 2020) - Is this indeed the beginning of WW III ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.StopWorldControl.com) -- Is this indeed the beginning of World War 3? Time will tell. There are however enough signals that show us we're in a critical time in history & personally I believe it is wise to be prepared for the worse, while we pray for the best. As a researcher & publisher, I could ignore all this & decide to leave my audience in the dark too. 'Why upset people? After all, nothing may happen in the end.' The number of signals are however too high for me to ingore. I hope it'll all work out & no full blown war will come. But ...

(Dec 14 2020) - A Quick Comment – It’s Not Really China
BRITAIN (www.PhiBetaIota.net) -- Many of you have received news stories, claiming - correctly - that Chinese Govt Operatives have infiltrated nearly everything in sight & are actively engaged in trying to conquer this country by any means fair or foul & also clearly stating that many “American” politicians have been bought off & are engaged in acts of treason. All of that is true & apparent & has been for years. What isn’t being said is just as important. The Chinese are doing this because they were hired to do it & promised big rewards if they did ... by ... The Brits.

(Dec 14 2020) - US Agencies Hacked ... ???
WASH D.C. (www.Military.com) -- U.S. govt agencies were ordered to scour their networks for malware & disconnect potentially compromised servers after authorities learned that the Treasury & Commerce dept's were hacked in a monthslong global cyberespionage campaign discovered when a prominent cybersecurity firm learned it had been breached. In a rare emergency directive issued late Sunday, the DHS's cybersecurity arm warned of an "unacceptable risk" to the executive branch from a feared large-scale penetration of U.S. govt agencies that could date back to mid-year or earlier.

(Dec 13 2020) - Pastor Urges Christians to Prepare for Persecution
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Of course we're not ready. Christians have waited until the last minute to address the issue, but have failed to listen to those "Watchmen on the Walls" and to "Put On the Whole Amour of GOD". Most missionaries, like Pastor Andrew Brunson who returned back to the states, have also sounded the alarm in America. So now, persecution is on the way, and all that's left to do is arm yourself, your family and friends ... 'cause you didn't take heed. WAKE UP PASTORS !!! Your flocks need to see your "Greater Love" ... SERIOUSLY !!!

(Dec 13 2020) - Vaccine Turns Us Into Mind Controlled Slaves
AMERICA (www.HenryMakow.com) -- All of the necessary elements of a functioning mind-control device using vaccines are present, and they're openly described in publicly-available scientific papers. We will be herded into "smart cities" where our brains will be controlled by 5G. "It wouldn't be anything precise or subtle like implanting false memories or getting you to forget certain things, at least not at first. It would be general things, like Pavlovian conditioning through direct control of human emotions. The controllers could make someone hate anyone they liked, love anyone they liked, and so on and so forth ..."

(Dec 12 2020) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #279
CALIFORNIA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- As societal lockdowns continue to be ramped up, the “Warp Speed” vaccination variety pack is being released with emergency government provisions. What will be the result? Mainstream media continues to downplay or completely ignore the ever increasing list of serious side effects that have shown up in vaccine trials. Will the public do the same? While most are understandably focused on the entire CV-19 scenario, what looming existential issues are being completely eclipsed? New science reports confirm ongoing and accelerating ozone layer collapse that carries countless dire ramifications.

ATLANTA (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- American truck drivers are so infuriated over the THEFT of the Presidency by Democrat thugs, they are demanding a full audit of every vote in the country or they will begin BLOCKADING cities! According to this posting, the BLOCKADE of Atlanta, GA begins Saturday, December 12. (...) City dwellers should remember that EVERYTHING in this country, except for electricity and natural gas, MUST, at some point, move by truck.

(Dec 12 2020) - What Happens When The Commies Get In ???
U.S.A. (www.Breitbart.com) -- The U.S. Congressman, a Democrat, is accused of being an agent of a foreign communist power. As one accuser says of the lawmaker, “I think he is a spy.” The Congressman denies it, and yet eventually, it’s demonstrated that he has been, in fact, engaged in espionage on behalf of foreign communist paymasters. Perhaps the reader might be thinking that this case is connected to the People’s Republic of China; after all, its many spy programs have been in the news a lot lately—including just this past week.

(Dec 12 2020) - What Did'ya Expect The SCOTUS To Do ???
WASH D.C. (www.PaulStramer.net) -- I awoke today to cries of anguish and shouts of joy, as the two misbegotten sides of the political spectrum erupted in response to the news that the United States Supreme Court declined to hear arguments from the State of Texas, et alia. As I pointed out yesterday, there is a dangerous confusion caused by using the word "State" to describe "Confederate States" that are actually State-of-State business organizations, and not actual States at all. This exact confusion is what happened here.

(Dec 12 2020) - SCOTUS Tosses Texas Bid To Overturn Election
WASH D.C. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- The Supreme Court on Friday tossed a last-minute bid by the state of Texas to overturn the 2020 election by challenging the results of four battleground states. Citing a lack of standing, Justice Samuel Alito wrote in a brief order that the state "has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections," adding "All other pending motions are dismissed as moot."

(Dec 11 2020) - Bible Codes Reveal: Civil War brewing in USA
ISRAEL (www.Israel365News.com) -- A mystic rabbi in Jerusalem revealed a remarkably precise code hidden in the Torah that warns of an imminent civil war in the United States. The code even marks the precise time of the war: one week before the presidential inauguration. Rabbi Yekutiel Fish, a Torah scholar with a Hebrew-language blog called Sod HaChashmal (the secret of the ‘electricity’), used special software to find hidden clues in equidistant letters in the Torah.

(Dec 11 2020) - TIME TRAVEL : The Most Guarded Secret ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Is Time Travel Real ??? Yep !!! It was here before we even got here or considered it. But, who created it and will GOD allow humans to use it ??? First, anything of material quality - especially humans - will in fact come into contact with the creator of Time Travel frequencies and their manifold dimensions - GOD !!! Secondly, there are "Gate Keepers" in and around these "Portals". Some are angelic, while the others are - shall we say - demonic. Most governments have sided in with the latter, the gate keepers of "Black Holes" ... AKA ... The Bottomless Pit !!!

(Dec 11 2020) - This year’s Nativity in St.Peter’s Square ???
VATICAN (www.LeoZagami.com) -- The Vatican will be inaugurating the Nativity Scene in St Peter’s Square, alongside the beautiful Vatican Christmas tree, a 28 meter high spruce & this Nativity could be challenging, even for many conspiracy experts. On Dec 11, as is custom, the Nativity scene was donated by the Italian town of Castelli, (the spearhead of the ceramic industry since the 16th century,) to the Vatican, but this year the work in question, which was created by pupils & teachers of the Art Institute “F.A. Grue”, seems blatantly occult & bizarre, to say the least.

(Dec 11 2020) - 6 More Dead in Covid Vaccine Trials !!!
F.D.A. (www.NexusNewsFeed.com) -- SIX PEOPLE DIED in Pfizer’s late-stage trial of the COVID-19 vaccine, the US Food & Drug Administration has revealed just hours after Britain became the first country in the world to roll out the vaccine. But the deaths are said to raise no new safety issues or questions about the vaccine’s effectiveness because all represented events that occurred in the general population at a similar rate, the FDA concluded. Its 53-page briefing report, released Wed is the first detailed analysis of the vaccine trial by Pfizer & BioNTech ...

(Dec 11 2020) - Australia Scraps Billion Dollar CoVid Vaccine ???
AUSTRALIA (www.GreatGameIndia.com) -- The Australian Gov't has scrapped a billion dollar coronavirus vaccine agreement with Australian biotech company CSL Limited to supply 51 million doses of a Covid-19 vaccine being developed by the University of Queensland after several trial participants returned false positive HIV test results. The University of Queensland abruptly ended its trials for coronavirus vaccine the Australian gov't had ordered in a $1 billion deal for 51 million doses.

(Dec 10 2020) - App Will Implement Vaccination Status ...
U.K. (www.Summit.news) -- Reports suggest that an app used prominently in the UK by people to book doctor & hospital appointments is to implement a vaccination status section that'll show whether a person has taken the CoVid jab or not & that businesses may use it to refuse entry to those who haven't. The Daily Mirror reports that the ‘MyGP’ app, which is operated by a private company, not the gov't, will “add the feature which it says would allow pubs & theatres to bar entry to the unvaccinated.”

(Dec 10 2020) - Pelosi Defends Swalwell’s Chinese Spy Scandal
WASH D.C. (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week said Rep Eric Swalwell (D-CA) should be removed from the House Intel Committee & ultimately removed from Congress over his ties to Chinese Communist spy & honeypot Fang Fang. Earlier this week Axios reported that a Chinese spy raised money for Eric Swalwell (D-CA) & planted an “intern” in his congressional office. A Chinese national named Fang Fang, AKA, Christine Fang targeted politicians in California between 2011 & 2015 at the direction of China’s internal spy agency and ...

(Dec 09 2020) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 1.9
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Dec 09 2020) - McCarthy calls for Congressman to be removed
WASH D.C. (www.DailyWire.com) -- House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called for Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, to be “removed from Congress” following an explosive report this week about his connections to a suspected Chinese spy. “This is only the tip of the iceberg because remember what we’re hearing, these are Chinese spies that go down to the level of a mayor, they court and help a city councilmember become a congressman, this congressman now gets on the Intel Committee,” McCarthy told Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

(Dec 09 2020) - CDC Plans Covid Gulag for Resistors ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Is it too late to stop these mad scientists from sticking people with their poison or putting them in prison for refusing ??? YES !!! The MSM has tipped the scales in favor of accepting these poisonous vaccinations and in favor of arresting you and yours if you do not comply. That's a Fact !!! Folks, unless you're high-and-tight with JESUS CHRIST, you're gonna fold under the pressure like an empty suit. Listen ... these satanic sycophants know only part of the score, 'cause in the end, they'll be erased as well. WAKE UP !!!

(Dec 09 2020) - Newsom and Kemp both committed treason !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.NaturalNews.com) -- Under the guise of fighting a “pandemic,” California Gov. Newsom (D) and Georgia Gov. Kemp (R) pretended to purchase face masks & other Wuhan (Covid-19) supplies from communist China in a massive money laundering & bribery scheme, the full details of which are still unfolding. Newsom & Kemp both wired large sums of taxpayer dollars to the Chinese Communist Party in exchange for face masks & other “personal protective equipment” that either never came or arrived in much smaller, cheaper amounts than what was ordered. The rest of the cash was funneled back from the CCP into the personal bank accounts ...

(Dec 06 2019) - Are We Americans Being Duped ?
RIGHT INSIGHT - with James Horn : Post Columnist
RIGHT INSIGHT - with James Horn PORTERVILLE, CA -- I am sick and tired of all of this phony impeach Trump nonsense. The Democrats, driven by hatred and fear of President Trump just won’t give up. First, it was Stormy, then the Russians (are coming) hoax, and now the Ukranian hoax, soon to be another hoax. We know that Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are insanely manipulative liars. Chuckie Schumer is waiting in the wings for the impeachment process to hit the Senate where he can lie and fulminate in front of the cameras. What or who is behind all of this?

Post Political Feature : Collected by Post Online News Staff
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Have you read the Post's "The Obama Files" today ? Well you should. There's a Place in HELL for those who LIE In this exclusive web page we'll track and collect news that's under-reported or considered inside information. Then it'll be placed in this section - making it a little easier for the public to locate and to help Obama keep his promise of being transparent. "QUOTE" Enjoy ...

(Apr 03 2016) - What's gone wrong with the Water Projects ?
RIGHT from Russ - with Russ Waymire : Post Columnist
RIGHT from Russ © with Russ Waymire HANFORD, CA -- My ancestors, like many midwest 1930's Dust Bowl casualties, migrated to California's Central Valley. Why settle here? Because the (CVP) Central Valley Water Projects created all kinds of Valley jobs and opportunities. What's gone wrong ??? Politicians passed laws seizing CVP Friant & Westside contract water, turning the Central Valley into a "Politician Created Dust Bowl". Politicians force us to pay for water delivery systems and for water not received.

(Aug 29 2015) - Explaining Today's Cop Violence
OFF THE GRID - with Melinda Pillsbury-Foster : Post Columnist
OFF THE GRID - with Melinda Pillsbury-Foster PORTERVILLE, CA -- Why & How the Meaning of Words are Changed Intentionally. Remember the term, "Peace Officer?" A Peace Officer was charged with ensuring the safety of those in their community. A policeman was someone you could trust, someone who protected the rights of individuals. When did our understanding change ? A Peace Officer knew their job could entail placing themselves between potential victims of crime and the criminal. The Officer signed an oath to uphold the Constitution and was assumed to be familiar with that and other American founding documents. Today few sign such an oath ..

NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
DEADLY VIRUS AND VACCINATION UPDATES PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Since there is so much at risk regarding the flu and vaccinations the Post decided to add this section. It's vitally important that you research the facts and {ingredients Pg.1 | Pg.2 | Pg.3 } to determine the risks and to ensure you make the best possibly choice for you and your family. The Post Prays you'll look at both sides of this issue before you settle on one.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
RADIATION - FALLOUR & PROTECTION PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Boys Scouts motto is "Be Prepared" ... for anything, and that's how we need to conduct our selves in Porterville, just in case we receive more bad news re: RADIATION LEAKS from Japan, or anywhere else. In the coming days the Post will add important information, we believe, you will need to be prepared.

(Dec 30 2014) - POST - VIDEO OF THE WEEK :
Post News Feature : by Post On-line Staff & Readers :
Porterville Post Video of the Week PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has created this web page for our readers and as a special request from our online staff. We're fully aware that the NWO control freaks and their "Masonic Miscreants" would like nothing else than to eliminate your "FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS" and internet freedom's. Don't let this happen ! Make sure you save these video's to your own files and make sure you e-mail the Post additional video's to be placed in this archieve.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak - is to speak. Not to act - is to act. -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer --
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Jul 21st : Porterville to Hold Public Presentations on Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan

(Jul 21 2011) PORTERVILLE - [PDF] The Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency's Office of Emergency Services, in cooperation with 8 of the County's cities, the Tulare County Office of Education, and the Tule River Tribe, has launched a countywide effort to review the risks posed by man-made & natural disasters & identify ways to reduce the damage from those risks. Citizens are invited to learn more about the draft plan at one of the 3 info sessions to be held on Thursday, July 21st. 2011.

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May 5th : Porterville Step Up

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Mysterious Light on the Hill ?

(Nov 06 2009) Close to four years ago, a friend (Ernie Cortez) and I were driving one Sunday morning from Porterville - heading to Fresno to attend a Church service - when out of the periphery of my right eye I saw what appeared to be a slowed down version of lightening. I shouted to Ernie to stop and turn the truck around so we both could get a better look. Fortunately I had my camera with me but only one of the many pictures came out. Neither of us had ever seen anything like this and as we stared motionless - because of the beauty that this light from this cloud emanated ... we were left with more questions than answers. If you or a friend has seen anything like this please e-mail the Post.

Bro. Ben needs to know,
have you seen

Have you seen the HAND WRITING ON THE WALL ???
(Jan 05 2009) Today the Post saw Brother Ben on Henderson Avenue, next to the Church of the Nazarene, showing a sign which read "THE HAND WRITING IS ON THE WALL" and so we stopped for a quick interview and learned that Brother Ben has a message that is "Burning in his Bones" regarding these last days. To be sure we promised to stay in touch with Brother Ben and we'll let you know what the LORD told Ben. So ... stay tuned, we will be back with a full report.

Who's this Patriotic Peddler ?

Click to Enlarge : And Win $100.00 Dollars
(Mar 09 2009) We know you have seen this man peddling around town, but have you taken the time to tell him thanks, for being patriotic ? And do you know who he is ? Many of the folks at Perko's knows. If you know e-mail the Post.

Who's That Girl in the Love Bus

Click to Enlarge : And Win $100.00 Dollars
(Feb 02 2009) Here we go again. You could WIN $100.00 DOLLARS if you can Identify who the owner of the Love Bus is and a little history. We had so much fun the last time the Post wanted to see if you could name that owner ... one more time. Like last month we will announce who guessed right along with the reat of the story. So e-mail who you think that girl is and a little history. Have Fun !

Scooby Doo : We Found You !

Click to Enlarge : And Win $100.00 Dollars
(Jan 31 2009) WIN $100.00 DOLLARS : Yes you can win $100.00 dollars if you can name the owner of this "SCOOBY DOO" van and where it is located. The Post will reveal who won this contest on Jan 31st 2009 and a little history of the individual in the van. E-Mail Editor. Congratulations Pastor Frankie for identifying Who owns the Scooby-Doo Van.

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